Flavor Flav Gets Free Southwest Flights, After Spirit Airlines Flare Up | TMZ TV

So Southwest Airlines has now entered The chat when it comes to the Flavor Flav and Spirit Airlines B they decided That they wanted to do something nice For Slade after he had a horrible Experience with Spirit Airlines There's an executive that worked for Southwest that saw what happened with Slave getting into it with the gate Agent and she reached out to someone on The team and said anytime he needs to Fly just let me know and we'll take care Of him I love this this is so such smart Business right all they're doing is Shading Spirit Airlines but listen on Top of the big executive who says she's Going to take it personally there were a Ton of flight attendants who were also Reaching Out In fairness spirit before Southwest made this off for Spirit Airlines had said look we we Investigated this we were in the wrong They upgraded slave so now he's like Gold status their highest wait a minute What's close

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