Former ‘HQ’ Host Scott Rogowsky Auctioning Off Alex Trebek’s Clothes For Charity | TMZ

After uh HQ trivia right you started uh I mean you were doing this before but I I saw like an article in GQ got me Interested yeah and congrats this is rad And but today is a special day that's a Special day because today I am uh Preparing right now I am going to be Going live tonight with an auction a Very special live auction on a platform Called sub X at 6 PM Pacific time these Shirts I'm holding right here that I'm Getting ready I'm uh get them steamed up Yeah these belongs to the great the true Legend Alex Trebek I went to his estate Sale that's what I gotta know tell me This though this all started because Last April hit they had they stayed Still at his house in Studio City I got Tipped to it I got there six in the Morning there were already hundreds of People there I mean when we got in there And I just went straight for the closet I'm sure people were going for the Artwork yeah yeah yeah the tchotchkes I Went straight to this closet and I just Started pulling out I mean he had stacks Of t-shirts sweatshirts jerseys so these Are just like some pieces I I thought That were cool I mean every piece has a Story I've been doing a lot of research On them this is this is a United States Olympic team so 96 Wheel of Fortune Proud sponsor the 96 Olympic team so of Course if you didn't know wheel and

Jeopardy both Merv Griffin Productions Both you know created by the same guy Produced by the same company so they Were brother sister shows and you know This was in his closet so his name's not Under but there's Pat Sajak Vanna White You've got like USA Legends these are Not real signatures by the way Bill Toomey uh Evelyn uh Ashford this is this Has top dollar already this is an Official with the fight tag and Everything Ottawa Senators by the way it still has I didn't put this in the listing but it Still has the um the tags on it from I Guess that the team store or whatever This is an auto Center's Jersey Trebek Sewn stitched he was a beloved celebrity And as beloved celebrities are sometimes Invited to games to drop a ceremonial First puck in hockey yeah first pitch in Baseball yeah I'm assuming that this was From one of those ceremonial puck drops All profits from the auction are going To go to the lust Garden foundation for Pancreatic cancer research unfortunately The pancreatic cancer is what got her Back in the end Um I've known people who've also you Know succumbed the disease it's a bad One unless Garden Foundation is yeah Pretty much the premier Pancreatic Cancer Foundation so It's look I mean it's a small thing I

Can do to kind of you know give back a Little bit but um he's an icon to you Yeah I mean he's an icon to all of us Especially with with the HQ background And the kind of filling into that that Game show tradition the fun part about Doing the show tonight at 6 p.m Pacific Is um we're gonna be doing trivia Questions along with the auction so We're going to ask trivia about Trebek About Jeopardy we're gonna honor the man It happens to be the anniversary of his Passing two years this past week so We're going to be giving away money if You play in the Jersey we're going to Give you cash and you can walk away with An incredibly rare one-of-a-kind piece That belonged to the man himself Proceeds going to uh lust Garden

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