French Montana Leads Morocco World Cup Rally in Packed Times Square | TMZ TV

Morocco has had an incredible crazy run In the World Cup Tournament and nobody's Happier about it than French Montana So French Montana was born in Morocco And he had a massive party at Times Square to celebrate Morocco's huge win Over Portugal I mean there's probably a couple hundred Maybe a couple thousand people cheering On Morocco it's a hell of a run I mean They've beaten Spain Belgium and now Portugal they've kind of beaten all the Colonizers And now they're playing France right Right I never thought French Montana was From Morocco though he all of a sudden People jumping on the bandwagon did you Ever think French Montana was from Morocco yes I knew French Montana was Morocco but he know he doesn't rep it Like that yeah he does it's not every Day that like Morocco has something on The world stage like this that he could No but when you think of him you think Of France and Montana not not Morocco Then why is he not French Morocco [Music]

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