George Wallace Says He’ll Leave Country If Herschel Walker Gets Elected | TMZ

Only in Los Angeles oh only everybody's In shape in Los Angeles but you go back To my hometown Atlanta and Georgia where A lot of stupid stuff going on in Georgia like Hershey Walker down there Running for office makes as much sense Is having an ashtray on the motorcycle He pissed me off so bad I hate all the Walkers now I don't like Jimmy Walker I Hate oh cause I don't like Johnny Walker I don't like Johnny Walker red I don't Like Johnny Walker Blue especially Johnny Walker black don't like him Remember to walk even madam CJ Walker I Don't know anybody walking on the wall Go to hell But hey do you think that that I mean What what happens if this man gets gets Voted the person will walk on Makes it to the Senate I'm moving to Another country I'm going to Canada I'm Going to Switzerland I'm going to Cleveland I'm getting the hell out of Here okay

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