Gisele Bündchen Goes On Vacation with Jiu-Jitsu Teacher, Tom Sources Question Timing | TMZ TV

Giselle and Joaquin Valente the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor they're Off on this trip in Costa Rica now we Have learned a little bit more about Just why Valente is actually there so Tom and Gisele have two kids Ben and Vivian are homeschooled well it's a School year right so they didn't want to Miss their school work so Joaquin Valente is basically the gym teacher Where's the math teacher he's there There there is a teacher there yeah are They all hot there's a slight difference Here Joaquin is a jiu jitsu instructor In Miami and he has clients yeah so for Him to leave for weeks abandon all his Other clients um are you kidding me Giselle is going to pay him more than Any any client the problem is Gisele's Going to come back and then all of a Sudden clients go away hold on you're Leaving something out how much do you Charge once he comes back from Costa Rica he doesn't have any clients but He's yourselves you think he's gonna Have the scent of Giselle on him so People are going to pay more I'm gonna Find out

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