Gisele Bündchen Moves Into New FL Home, Joaquim Valente Associate Helps Out | TMZ TV

Photos of Giselle moving into her huge Honking Mansion have revealed something People have long suspected Giselle owns A toaster oven oh also she's probably Banging her Jiu Jitsu instructor Joaquin Valente coz if you look closely enough She appeared to be getting some help From a Joaquin Valente associate A man wearing a Valente Brothers Jiu Jitsu shirt was seen carrying out a Kitchen appliance she's totally leaning Into this my gym teacher never helped me Move To be fair we still don't know for sure That Giselle is dating her Jiu Jitsu Instructor but that dude's shirt is Pretty telling when the guy walks in the House and he's wearing that I think it Screams that she's dating Joaquin Valentine and I also think it screams That she wants everybody to know I mean I was pretty convinced before but then And this is what sold you well you think This is coincidence she's so famous she Only hangs out with like five people Yeah but they all know Jujitsu now Just because that didn't make a ton of Sense doesn't mean it's not a good point But at the end of the day there's really Only one takeaway from these picks the Fact that she has a toaster oven like She's one of us oh my God the best thing Ever toaster ovens are amazing and you Know Giselle uses hers to make so many

Delicious pizza Bagels that she can't Actually eat because she's a model so Congrats on your new love Giselle unless You're just messing with everyone I like The idea these are actual movers but She's just gonna put this t-shirt on Cutting anything out at this point enjoy Your new house and possibly boyfriend Giselle

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