‘Halloween’ Star Omar Dorsey Says He’s Talked to Ghosts | TMZ

So I want to ask you something real yeah That now with horror movies like I I've Come to like a realization I'm okay with With like the the supernatural stuff Right right what I'm not okay with is Like the gigantic dude that can kill you Because that's real right right right Like what's more scary to you like you Know what is giving you more nightmares And you you're you're a cinephile yeah For sure giving me more nightmares is Always uh Supernatural stuff because I'm I'm a church boy I'm a church kid so you Gotta be thinking about the devil coming At you so when I see The Exorcist when I First saw it the first time yeah I was Like oh man it's gonna really happen it Could be you know the devil could Possess somebody Michael Myers I really Ain't really scared of I mean no because I'm like I'm big enough I think I can Take them one-on-one Now as far as that goes because like is That have you ever experienced like Because I got we need a good scary story You never experience the supernatural Like in in real life where you're like Whoa that was I I know that was Something give me give me something man So big so you know I've been living in New Orleans in New Orleans doing Queen Sugar for the last seven years yeah and I first got to New Orleans you know it's A bunch of you know the spirits out

There a little bit when I first got There Um I was staying in this place called a Cotton mill and every night I could feel It might sound crazy as hell but I felt Like the spirits there so I had to sit Down with the spirits I said listen I Got to be here for four months we got a Co-exist in here man and then it felt Like we dapped it up and from that time On I was real cool in New Orleans but Yeah I felt it before and it might sound Crazy I mean I feel like you can like yo like Hey let's get let's get over this I'm Not the one that got a problem with you We can go and have inhabit this place Right I like that shutter yeah for sure Because it's like it's your place it's Been you've been here yeah I'm here for Like four months a year you've been here Over 200 years let's just go ahead look I gotta be here I got to be here I don't Already paid this rent do you ask like Hey do you need anything no I don't do That because I don't need anything they Just want to make sure the person who's There is solid and I'm gonna be selling Look man I'm one of you we ain't here Together

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