Harry & Meghan Use Media for Relevance While Slamming It, Claims Royal Expert | TMZ

I I do think that Harry and Megan Contradict themselves a lot and one Specific instance is this idea of Developing an entire documentary around Hating the Press when you are using the Press and I think that that is a Weakness of Harry and Megan's constantly Comparing themselves to Diana Diana did Not need media Diana received media and Found a way to make it Um you know she found a way to use it in Her favor Harry and Megan are now Celebrities they're you know they're They're less Royal more celebrity more Entertainers they need the media the Fact that they are complaining about all Of this press intrusion this this this Lack of privacy to reality TV cameras Basically uh I do think the world is Waking up to some of the hypocrisy when It comes to Harry and Megan overall I Think that everybody understands that It's a rebranding it's a strategy by the Sussexes they are concerned about the Their popularity in the states and they Are trying to redirect the people's Attention they want people to like them Obviously and you see that a lot I mean How the the Diana comparisons are very Unrealistic but obviously you're going To do that because everyone loves Princess Diana Um you know the the palace was Incredibly worried about this series and

After seeing the first three episodes They kind of set back and went oh okay That's all you got Um and I'm also you know getting the Sense that the palace is less fearful of Spare Prince Harry's upcoming book Because you've thrown it all out there I Mean if you watched the Oprah interview If you watch this documentary it's just Oprah plus we heard rumors surrounding This premiere of the Netflix documentary That Harry and Megan were looking to Remove specific pieces of the Documentary post the Queen's death and Let me tell you it has got to be this Scene where Megan reenacts her curtsy to The queen she's over dramatic the look On Prince Harry's face says it all it's Not a very flattering moment I think She's attempting to be self-deprecating But you know you're dealing with we're Three months after the death of Queen Elizabeth you know this is a woman that Was just celebrated by the entire world She was the symbol of unity and Patriotism people are really angry about This and I don't think that it is a Positive reflection of Meghan Markle you Know the queen had a great sense of Humor and she was pretty level-headed When prince Andrew was huffing and Puffing about Harry and Megan's Oprah Interview it was the queen that actually Said to Andrew didn't Fergie do

Something similar who's his ex-wife that He still lives with so the queen had a Great sense of humor and she was Forgiving when she when it came to think Things like this I don't think she would Be offended by Megan's curtsy Reenactment she might even have you know She might have even chuckled about it And thought it was interesting I do Think there is other content in the Documentary that would really disappoint Her and upset her because I think it you Know it it then as a whole the Documentary is not a great reflection on Her Legacy it makes it seem like there's This turmoil inside the family and and That there's this unconscious bias and I Think that the family would completely Disagree with that but the curtsy video I think she would you know my she might Smile it off when Megan reenacts this Curtsy in the documentary you see Harry's face visibly change he does not Look impressed he's almost embarrassed And you know I felt it a lot of the Viewers felt it at home you saw this Commentary on social media and Princess Diana and Prince Harry Chef felt it even Tweeting that you could just tell by the Look on Harry's face a man that he grew Up with and knew that that Harry did not Think that that was a cute moment and That that Harry did not agree uh with That reenactment

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