Idaho Police Say Videos Could Be Key In Solving Murders | TMZ

So what I can say is that uh we have put Out the request for the information and For video surveillance uh and we have FBI link and what I can say is that we Have been very successful and that Community members are providing what They do have and you know it's been Helpful what we do like to say is that Um a lot of times you know we're asking For this crazy behavior that people Think is important to us but also really What I think people need to recognize is That oftentimes what's not in a video Might help us just as much as what is We're really taking that whole picture View and we're really trying to put the Pieces together so we can see what Occurred uh that also includes what Occurred uh in the weeks leading up to The event as well what happened during The night of at the you know at the bar The the Sigma Chi house Um you know the street the street vendor And then as well of course at the Location and the residence itself where Where the murders occurred as far as the Timeline goes I mean that is part of What we're investigating and trying to Determine as far as the Reconstruction Goes um as you know we've been inside The location Gathering evidence of the State Crime Lab has been processing the Evidence and then as well as Texas have Been piecing together uh based on the

Returns that they're getting as well as The interviews which we've done over 150 Interviews and so you know as we talk About reconstructing the scene I think That goes in line with uh one of the Prior questions about the video and so They're really trying to get that entire Picture of what occurred again even Before the night uh the night of and Then especially the incident and so I Think that as as more evidence is coming Forward and more information is being Found Um that they're they're getting a better Picture of what occurred

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