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Oh wow you're looking gorgeous as ever Wow 50 years doing awesome look at that Body going back to the cheers days What's happening people how did the show Go they went great we did the samba and We did a good job awesome what's your Guilty pleasure that was the theme Max I Heard you would hey can I ask you a Quick question yeah would you guys Really drink real beer on Cheers no it Was fake no it was fake it was like Apple cider it was near beer oh okay Like O'Doul's yeah right oh now I can't Watch cheers anymore Thank you very much please let me just Ask real quick Lady Gaga's gonna be the First person to sing in space what do You want to be the first person to do in Space listen to Lady Gaga singing space Have a great time So you're paired up with Maxim this year Did you know that Mexican I don't know Who I'm paired up It's been you're paired up with maximum I love you so what are you looking Forward to Kirsty Get one more please Oh I I just feel like we did a great job Tonight so hey Kirsty does Lindsay make A good Scientologist I heard they were Trying to recruit her girl from a really Big fan sure thank you so much You think she'd be a good Scientologist Thank you very much have you ever been

Pulled over like oh by the way I like Bristol I just don't really watch very Many reality shows yeah I'm sorry What are you wearing tonight Um Max Roger when his wedding date is That's what his wedding day our EMP They're getting married oh that's news To me but sounds good to me that's the Big one Chrissy you were the sexiest Person ever you're the closest closest To Max there is that was the best Star Trek ever too it's happening thank you [Music] Hey Kirsty did George win drink all that Beer did George Went drink all that beer Looking gorgeous Kirsty will you trade Will you trade workout tips wait wait Tips with your partners right here Innovation I think your name is Beautiful by the Way I think Hershey's a really pretty Name thank you because you think there's Other names like growing up like older Names that you might become better like Now like like Esther is an older name I like Annabelle and that's sort of an Old name that's a pretty name yeah Hey Kirsty how do you fall and get such Good scores [Music] When did you sneak back in he's talking Um to get my boyfriend Teddy oh hey

Teddy what's going on Teddy's a little bit younger than me Like 87 years rock the cradle yeah I'm Robbing the cradle big oh yeah Rob that Yeah why not Have you guys been together I'm good have you been what have you Been up to Playing in New York how are you enjoying Your stay here Love New York yeah Absolutely where are you off to now I don't know I'm sure you'll find out I loved you in toothless that is Literally my favorite movie childhood Movie that you were part of my childhood Oh good thank you and drop dead gorgeous Have a good Christmas thank you so much How much do you think is too much to Give to someone when they lose their Tooth a little kid I give a dollar a Dollar that's it that's it A couple quarters 10 bucks I think you're gonna go shopping there Now maybe Probably not probably not who's your Baby This is May Onnaise [Music] [Applause] What's your goal IE [Applause]

What's your show all about the car s Percy what's your reality show about Kirsten how's your birthday my birthday Good good Right here kissy what's good what was up With the no shoes yesterday hey why are You down on the ground What was up with no shoes yesterday in New York City my love it's yours this One's right here this one's right here You're looking gorgeous Where are you from I'm from New York I Mean come on look um Christy I heard you Like Jamie Foxx you have a um a thing For um you tell TMC hi oh okay okay Let me just tell you you are looking Gorgeous I'm so happy to see you again Would I have a chance with you Let's get married I'd love to Christy Come on it'll be big love all over again

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