Jadakiss Spills the Tea on New Coffee Business | TMZ LIVE

Tell us what motivated you and I want to Hear what this coffee is like I would Say my dad motivated me he's been in Coffee for as long as I've been alive Um just to do business with my dad and My son I thought it was a beautiful thing it's Something you don't get to see a lot Coming from where we come from Um I think timing timing was great you Know time and time is we don't have a Lot of time the clock is ticking so we Thought the time was perfect the blend Happened to come out Wonderful and um my dad can tell you More about The origin of this whole coffee thing I've been working with coffee for maybe A little more than 40 years but on a Different side of the business I work For uh on the commodity side where I Imported coffee we traded coffee Derivatives Futures and options and I Work for some of the largest players in The coffee business for pretty much all My career we import coffee from all over The world some of the the the we you Know we were mostly involved with Commercial coffee but the industry has Gone to another level now with specialty Blends and that sort of thing so I think I have a pretty good grasp of where the Good the uh the good beans but uh we we Wanted to make a product that was before

The people for the masses and we came up With it it's not the most exotic band But it's something we think that you can Enjoy day in and day out without getting Growing tired of it you got to tell us How can people get the coffee we want to Know this cafecoffee.com or Kiss Cafe Coffee on Instagram and Twitter okay

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