Jadakiss & Styles P Eager to Add 420 Flair to ‘Back-To-Back’ Event Series | TMZ

It's really about the experience the Experience you're having Um the show is actually a small part of It Um it's it's us as Elder Statesman and Hip-Hop and being great MCs Also making sure we book venues Ourselves and start doing things on our Own on our own accord so it's just not The talent for us it's also more making Sure we throw the event on top of that We have some of the greatest Cannabis Brand's been a United States Unified on that day if you look at the Flyer you see a lot of brands that you Wouldn't usually see on the flyer with Each other so it's more about Unity Having a good time and um Not just going to back the back phones Will be performing back to back so he'll Come out I'll come out he'll come out I'll come out and we'll be on the stage Together you'll get to enjoy it as that But more so I would say we're we're Actually I'm especially proud that we're just Being smarter and throwing events on our Own and being able to unify people and Give the fans a great experience and Have a great time so As far as a show we always [ __ ] it up we Always do what we got to do to be honest With you but to actually throw the event Us be throwing the event and to get all

Of these Brands to come support what We're doing and um Especially since it's getting it's Legalized here on the East now to get so Many great cannabis brands from the West Understand what we're doing over here And want to be part of what we're doing And be able to expand our reaches really What's the important part of the night And for the fans to be able to Experience all of these great candidates Brands while watching True New Yorkers do true New York [ __ ] Is where the value of the Night comes in And just the unity and the good time of It Um I was able to do the I did the first One by myself which was it was it was Pretty amazing but now it's even grander And even bigger my brother's out there With me and we're doing it together and Just to be able to kick off things on Your own and um rock out it was and give The fans a good time as the dope part I Feel like he feels the business has Changed is different is not that much You know you gotta have add some other Other things to the brand or the way you Release music or you know I mean just Make it more exciting for yourself in The consumer but I still like me I still I'm still in it You know I mean his music is just like a Stepping stone

For you to you know Conquer your dreams but also open up Some other habits along the line like Hip-hop kind of lost its way like when I Listen to Locks when I listen to Mob D Capone Noriega you know the content is Aggressive but it's still kind of Connotated to hip-hop You know like you guys are killing the Tracks killing MCS or you know killing Whack you know people who ain't got no Business you know you guys is Avengers So to speak I believe it's when you Mentioned earlier we we did make a lot Of music in that field that always has Been made what I feel the disconnect Happens is um No one ever holds the the program Directors or the radio or the record Labels In the same regard like you see I when I Said when that's why I asked you who When you said sweet so we tend to I Can't just blame drill rappers I get Where you're going what's going to Happen we have to disconnect the Disconnect is in the radio and the Record labels not being concerned in the Balance and microwaving young fellas When you mentioned we were out you still Had an abundance of You still had tropical quests you still Have Public Enemy so there's always been A balance now you still have Kendrick

And you still have J Cole but on a on a On a high scale The radios and the record labels gonna [ __ ] with backpack music like that Pardon my French and they don't [ __ ] With conscious music like that and then We as the people wonder how it got to This point because the people with money That's in control like pushing a Narrative that they're pushing like and Um That does have a lot to do with us but That has a lot to do with them also so We have to watch and be careful when We're pointing the finger and making People responsible we we kind of miss The direction of talking about the wreck Execs and the record labels and the Radio and the people who play the films They don't have to play the same 12 Like it had to drill rapid and make it To get his drill song on the radio It took a bunch of other people to get That drill song with the radio and to Get in on a radio plane over and over And over whether it's drill or whatever Um content hardcore content they they Didn't have the capability of getting it Fun that much is what I'm trying to Explain so I think we get lost on where They exactly point the finger do we have Our own responsibility as a community Do we have our own responsibility as the People to go okay we do this we don't do

That yes we do but at the same time we Have to hold these corporations these Radio execs these record labels Accountable as we're holding the dude That's making the music because that Dude making the music who's coming from The project or whatever City he's coming From or doing what AB does doesn't have The power but people often don't look at The whole The whole you know the whole circle they Just pinpoint who they think is the [ __ ] Up blame him for it without really If you're coming from the hood are you Coming from a rough neighborhood and That's what the neighborhood's talking About and you now have a chance to feed Your family from doing that of course He's going to do that but it is as us as Elvis Statesman in the game Um the record exactly is people who Should be responsible for what society's Hearing for all of us to pitch in and Make sure we you know we bring some Balance but not just fingerprints I Think he's absolutely right you know What I mean Um It just goes on the genre of music and All the Plane goes on the young kids we gotta If they wanted us to not hear drill Music you wouldn't hear it you know I Mean so

Has to be some balance everybody got to Be taking hold this self-accountable

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