Jamie Foxx Addresses Takeoff, Kanye By Calling on Fun & Good Times Again | TMZ

Uh God bless it is just a time for us to Just it's a time for us man to have fun Let's get back to the fun you asking me The questions and everything like that You know what I tell all my peers man Remember when we had fun yeah I remember When we did a record we was in the back We was in the studio he had no money Remember when we used to just do movies And movies couldn't wait to be just fun For the people let's go back to that how Do we go back to that you know what it Is you know what we got to do is y'all Take it back I know y'all want the story All the time they talk about the media Yeah yeah not not the media I'm just Saying just you know you gotta just Every once in a while give us some some Sunshine we always looking for the bad In people right now I'm gonna explain some to you like like I explained to everybody because it's Like man listen all those guys that you Mentioned every time I talk to them I Hold them up I hold them down I say hey Man remember when we used to have fun When we used to smile and we was Goofy And we didn't have the whole world Figured out let's get back to that in The world to take care of itself but if We allow ourselves to stop having fun Especially on our side then we're going To do it for us the world's already so You're you're friends with everybody you

Know it's all look we only got One Life To Live indeed and how we how we gonna Live it man it's so much craziness and And understand this too You got to check you gotta check on each Other gotta check on each other Make sure everybody's doing good I know All your friends and the cool part about It is all that kind of stuff man Hey Listen You know let's find some other let's Find some other outlets to listen to Let's find some things that's harmonious Like all of that negativity man right Now shut the camera off you know what I'm saying give us a chance give us a Chance because you know like it's like All those dudes are my homies this is my Friends so I'm never gonna talk sideways About anybody no matter what you feel I'm saying so you're never gonna get That out of me well all I can say is That every once in a while man give us a Chance

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