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Foreign Jay Leno's recovery is just absolutely Stunning Um he is actually has left the Grossman Burn Center uh where he was getting Treated after that uh horrible uh Accident in his garage where his face Caught fire in his hand in other parts Of his body second and third degree Burns He's feeling well enough well not only To leave but to pose for photos with the Staff which we know that uh Jay and his Team have said had incredible things to Say about the staff there so you see Some scarring there yeah there's some Some scarring to be expected but on his Neck and a little bit on his hands you Can see there his spirits I mean even From the day you spoke to him you said That he was sounded like he sounded like Jay it was just a week ago that we spoke With him and just last Monday he said I Should be out in about five to ten days And that lines up here just a week later He's been discharged from the burn Center the burn center says that he's Going to have some follow-up care there So he's not out of the woods just yet But all things considered I mean I think He looks great just seems like a little Bit of skin damage but the fact that He's standing up smiling amongst the Nurses that took care of him seems great

Yeah I mean again it's a painful painful Thing to go through Um and he's had I believe at least one Skin graft so um you know we wish him Well um he's a great guy and um I'll Tell you he's as as they say about the Timex commercial Yes Kayla Da Vinci Dallas Texas you know When it comes down to Jay Leno Jay is a Trooper strong-minded pretty much an Alpha male as well Um it's kind of shocking to me though as Long as he's been working on cars that Um that this particular scenario has Happened to him I hope that he continues To be safe when he's in this private Garage however we are always looking Forward to his recovery uh Jay is a very Brilliant man yeah And you know good on him he's out and he Will bounce back Foreign

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