Jay Leno Seriously Burned in Car Fire | TMZ LIVE

Um we have a lot to get to today we just Broke a story on the website Um Jay Leno was seriously hurt yesterday Um in a car fire Um and this happened in the garage where He stores all of his classic cars Um he was apparently working on one of Them when one of the cars just erupted In Flames without any warning and it Burned the left side of his face Seriously Um the good news is it didn't burn his Eyes or his ear but he is in a burn Ward Right now and has canceled events for The rest of the week and we found out That something was wrong because of an Event that he didn't attend last night He was supposed to be uh speaking at a Financial uh conference in Las Vegas and Jay famously travels all around the Country during the week uh speaking at These conferences and he did not not Show now the uh the venue we're supposed To speak in Las Vegas they put out a Statement saying that they had been told Uh there was something very serious Medical emergency and that's all they Knew uh but interestingly did say our Prayers go out to Jay so at that point You knew something Um very serious had happened so this was The garage that it you know Jay shows it On his show on CNBC Um inside Jay's garage and he's you know

Look we've spoken to him and usually if He's not shooting one of his uh shooting His his uh his game show if he's not on A stage somewhere he's with his cars He's with his cars in that garage and um You know hopefully he's going to be okay That he's getting treatment now but um That's a scary yeah he's a great guy and We wish him the best Super thankful I'm sure with a lot of His fans that nothing terrible happened From the situation but sending him best Wishes um and hope he has a quick Recovery we do wish him the best yes Absolutely

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