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Jay Leno this continues to defy Logic on His recovery from that horrible Explosion uh while he's working on a car In his garage he is out we told you that He was out of the uh the burn center but He is actually ready to go back to work Got video of him yesterday as he was Heading back to the garage his garage Where the accident happened and he made Sir told us something I'm totally Shocked about where he's gonna what he's Going to be doing this coming weekend Everything's okay you're gonna be you're Going to be performing very soon yeah I'll be performing Sunday of Comedy Magic club okay good see you then thank You guys take care be safe thanks thanks Officer for sure go home Jake will get Some rest get some sleep yeah I need Barbecue Yeah I need barbecue I gotta tell you oh My God I gotta tell you something I know Jay's lawyer and the day we broke the Story about what happened to him I talked to him I called him later and He said to me he's going to be Performing in a week or so and we said I Even told you that he told me this and I Said at the time we were like well it's Great that he's being optimistic but and He was right what's so incredible is I Just checked the tickets for Jay's show On Sunday and it's already completely Sold out so of course definitely want to

Hear what he has to say about all and They want to support him you absolutely And he's even making jokes to the Photogs who are outside his garage so a Remarkable recovery all around even the Photons were like go home get some rest When I was talking to his lawyer he was Saying I know he lives to perform he Loves He's had that uh that gig there at The Comedy and Magic Club in hermosovich He's been doing that for out of 20 Something years but the fact that he Said I know what happened but he will be Back on stage and he was right I can't Believe it Sunday night good day Uh hello my name is John and I'm from Massachusetts Um a couple like days ago Jalen got Burnt like uh working on a car and I Thought it was like I thought it was Like he was gonna be like hurt for a While but then I mean he's coming back To the garage where The burn happened and he's working on Stuff again and he's gonna be going back To Comedy I'm just happy for him that He's gonna be able to do all this again Well you got all that right you got all That right Thank you

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