Jay-Z And Jeff Bezos Grab Dinner In L.A., Cement Partnership To Buy Commanders?! | TMZ TV

Two Titans a secret dinner in a closed Restaurant yes Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos are Creating a powerful Alliance to do who Knows what Are you ready for some football guess Jeff's girlfriend Lauren Sanchez knows What we also guess she won't be invited To the next secret dinner as for this One we're told it was about the Washington commanders they want to buy The team together so they both arrive at About 7 15 they have more than a Two-hour meeting the restaurant opened Just for them by the way not a Paparazzi Restaurant nope it's a new spot called Horses where they serve you guessed it Pork chop Milanese with air cover looks Tasty and the guests were Lauren Jeff Jay and for some reason that I can't Explain Corey Gamble was there does he Have money well he has Kris Jenner and The team's owner Daniel Snyder is only Asking what seven billion it doesn't Matter Jeff Bezos can put that on his MX Jeff has that in his couch hopefully in The form of the check but if Bezos can Buy the team himself why even bring Jay-Z in there are reports that Daniel Snyder hates Jeff Bezos also wait within Jay-Z softens up the food a little bit Jay-Z makes total sense explain Corey Gamble he's a business guy I'm a business guy but they're not Asked not like Corey he's the life of

Everybody so hope you guys enjoyed Dinner next time try the horse butter

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