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What will the emotions feel like you Know even though it is being you know Third fight this is bigger obviously and Now it's Madison Square Garden what what Are the feeling what are the emotions as You um you know as you fight in what's Going to be a pretty big deal big event Yeah you know it is a big event you know But um obviously you know I have the Pressure of my grandfather behind me Um I'm fighting in Madison Square Garden But to to deal with those pressures you Know I like to normalize things you know I'm just going there to fight and I'm Here to fight I'm not here for vacation Um you know it's me the ref and another Guy that's trying to hurt me whether It's in Madison Square Garden or in Somebody's backyard you know I still Gotta fight this guy so You know I to deal with the pressure I Tell myself that and even talking to you It you know it helps me to realize that That's the reality of the situation you Know I'm just we're just getting in a Fist fight right it's pretty simple when You think about it right but yeah yeah But yeah we're fighting so um yeah you Know just telling myself that just helps Me deal with the nerves and Um once I make weight I'm gonna be super Happy you know I could finally eat carbs And yeah and salt and stuff so I'm Really excited I can't wait for you to

Get there so you feel better Um yeah do you feel pressure because People expect this greatness from you When you're still a young guy young in The sport and it almost feels unfair to Me that people might expect you to be Your grandfather when you're you're new To all of this yeah I definitely have The pressure you know I even had that Pressure in football and that's a Completely different sport I'm also Doing MMA which is also a completely Different sport from boxing but it's Still a combat sport so I think there's Going to be a little bit more pressure There but Again you know uh I like to just Normalize stuff that that helps me deal With the pressure too because at the end Of the day you know I'm just like any Other fighter who's fighting to create Their own name create their own legacy The only difference is my grandfather is Really famous and um you know because of That you know I've gotten the platform That I've gotten but at the end of the Day it's how you perform in a cage so Um yeah I definitely do have that Pressure but I feel like I'm dealing With it pretty well When people out there are watching you And and what many people it might be Their first time are there similarities Between you and your grandfather's does

Your even though it is boxing versus MMA Is there uh is there a style resemblance What do we expect to watch when we see You Um you know When my grandfather boxed uh I feel like it wouldn't translate that Well over to MMA you know he was very Heavy on his lead leg uh threw the jab Out a lot you know uh if I tried that in MMA you know I would just get leg kicked All day bang Bang Yeah Yeah I've tried That too and I've gotten like and even Taken down so it didn't really work but You know his speed is something that I Feel like I have too you know I feel Like his speed has passed down to me I Feel like um Uh you know dealing with the the big Stage and The knights and the All of that I feel like it's transferred Down to both me and my brother and even My aunt Leila you know so Um There there are some similarities you Know I love his job I love the way he Sets up his right hands I do do that the Same you know setting up my right hand The same way as he does with one twos And hook crosses and stuff like that so You know watching him and I pick up Little things like that

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