Jemele Hill Says Media Needs To Hold Jerry Jones Accountable, LeBron’s Right! | TMZ LIVE

So what do you think about what LeBron Is saying I mean essentially he's saying That the the media has been so Hypocritical on this I Bet is absolutely right and it was fair Because the truth is that when black Athletes make a mistake and I would say This applies the black public figures Really in general the the harshness the Consistency the the just beating it to The ground that happens with black Athletes it's there it's it's ever Present in the media and this is not to Say that there should be no room for Accountability of course but it seems That it just is Non-Stop and over and Over and over again and it's constant I'm old enough to remember when Reporters asked LeBron James about the Genocide and Darfur they asked them About Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick Does not play in the NBA he is an NFL Athlete to my knowledge they had no Relationship they asked them a ton of Questions about that and so for them to Then just skip over this particularly Since LeBron James used to be a Cowboys Fan and he explained somewhat recently The reason he isn't is because of how Jerry Jones responded to Colin Kaepernick's protest so there was a Legitimate reason to ask him about Jerry Jones I can't speak to how Jerry Jones Feels about racism I'm not here to

Answer whether or not he's a racist or Not I don't know the man so I can't say But what I can say is that when people Look at your actions and they know you Were a part of this very awful history And you could try to minimize it by Saying oh I was just curious or not it's Beyond curiosity because the fact is Everybody knew what time it was during That so what were you doing there and he Has not credibly answered this question At all and so I think you know the Difference in him and Kyrie in the Treatment is not only a failure by the Media it's also a difference in power Kyrie by you know he's a he's a worker In the NFL Jerry or in the NBA Jerry Jones is an owner and as an owner he Gets the dictate The Rules of Engagement So to speak he also doesn't have to Answer to the media as often as Kyrie as Kyrie Irving does we broke a story Several years ago Um about Donald a racist owner of a Basketball team Donald Sterling and the Reaction on that was pretty profound Where uh the NBA I think was the first Time that any sport has ever taken away Ownership Um based on what somebody had said so I'm wondering if you view football as Different than basketball because the Media did jump on that story to be Honest and if we go back to look at what

Really got Donald Sterling out of the League a big component of that was that The players made it known that they were Not going to tolerate him being in the League and there may be a boycott behind It that was huge because it was LeBron James and Chris Paul it was very much The faces of the league leading that Charge on the NFL side the players don't Have the same level of autonomy they're Not in a guaranteed contract structure Football is a sport of Conformity by Nature and I do think the weight of the Media covers both leagues is inherently Different because the in the NFL is a Owner's League the NBA is a player's League and that shows up in in coverage A lot of the times I mean look at Daniel Snyder the owner of the Washington Commanders the list of things that this Guy has done is very long and he's still Sitting in a position of ownership Because the other owners are going to Cover for him and there's no player-led Movement trying to get him out of there So he can sit comfortably in the seat That he's in without any retribution or Any consequences whatsoever

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