Jemele Hill Wants Hip Hop Industry To Denounce Gun Violence After Takeoff Death | TMZ

What could be done to keep artists safe You know what I mean like something There has to be something that gives way After this takeoff incident It's always tough though because Um unfortunately our community the black Community has been sieged by violence For so long that we're used to just Navigating around and figuring out a way That we can live with it and so I'm Hesitant to say that we need to stop Going places we need to stop doing this And stop wearing that right because you Have flashy jewelry because you worked Hard to to buy it right so I think there Does need to be a community conversation About what we can do how we can mobilize And put politically Force our leaders to Address this very pervasive issue I Would like to see a lot of rappers and Label owners and Industry leaders have a Collective conversation with the people In charge whose job it is to get Violence and guns off the street they Can force this conversation in a way That hasn't been had yeah there are some Community issues that we need to face But that's not the only solution there Are elected people whose very job it is To make sure that the people are safe And the rap industry is poised to hold Those people accountable and that's what They need to do they probably are having These conversations in secret but I

Think in a very public way some of the Ogs that are in the rap game they need To get with some of these younger Artists and really have heart-to-heart With them about moving in this space About you know how to collectively take Care of each other the craziest thing to Me is hearing about how when rappers go To certain cities that they have to Check in with certain people and that Sounds like some slave like it Really does like a restriction of Movements like that's what that's what That's how we used to be controlled During slavery it shouldn't it should Never be a situation where black people Go to other black communities and feel Like they're at risk and not safe and I Understand that Um you want to be respectful to the Neighborhoods you enter but also but Also understand as black people whether They check in with you or not they Should feel safe I think now it's time For hip-hop to make a similar stand like They did in the early 90s in the late 80s and say enough is enough I thought When I was you know in college when Biggie and pop were killed and I thought That would be the last time we would Ever see Rappers of certainly that status being Killed and now it's happening so Frequently you can't even keep up you

Know we we people still mourning pnb Rock right here we are faced with Another tragedy just that quickly there Needs to be some kind of big group Public conversation about what is Happening and why so many of our young Black men who are talented and Extraordinary have to lose their lives For going out to eat for just simply Existing that that needs to stop

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