Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Go Country While Shopping | TMZ TV

So Ben and Jen they are back out Shopping around whether it’s a total Hot Spot they’re on the Sunset Strip at boot Star with Emmy they were searching for Some cowboy boots and uh some uh Western Apparel well the Sunset Strip they were On the Sunset Strip to shop on the Sunset Strip is real thirsty you can Order this stuff on Amazon yeah they’re Shopping on the Sunset Strip is like why Are we begrudging them this why because They’re so big for them to go to the Sunset Strip is beneath them they’re Allowed to go shopping and this is it’s Also a very specific store there’s Probably only one or two boot stores you Probably Google where can I get cowboy Boots and boots star comes up and you’re Like something tells me Charles Googles Where do I get cowboy boots Little lady with a giant butt Man So old west and wait [Music]

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