Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Go Christmas Tree Shopping with Kids | TMZ TV

Ben Affleck and JLo went Christmas tree Shopping with the whole family except Violet was not there but um yeah they Got a tree And they put it on top of the car I find This very weird because they're like the Griswolds man they're like strapping Things in the hood I am surprised you're Right I wouldn't expect that that's What's so funny it's so they're at a Christmas tree Lot in Santa Monica and Most Lots will deliver did they actually Drive it home or that's secure no that's Ben my serious there's definitely house Boys I'm sure with gloves waiting in Front of their house to get it off there I don't know if we call them house boys But why Boy house boy quick the tree they're a Strong beautiful men waiting to take it Off I'm sure at their house and did they Put anything on top of the roof like They can really scratch you guys any Tree lot you go they put low cardboard I Know they normally do but it doesn't Look like they did here tell you the House boys put cardboard up Jamie thinks The house boys just Scurry out Afterwards then maybe a house boy lying Under the tree right now Laughs [Applause] [Music]

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