Jessie James Decker Defends Kids’ Ripped Abs, Eric Decker Cosigns | TMZ LIVE

Foreign Jesse James Decker country singer uh and Her husband Eric Decker uh former NFL Star what they probably thought was just An innocent cute photo of their kids uh Which is instead Turned into a huge debate uh about Photoshopping about Um body shaming children so this is Unbelievable this is the photo that Jesse posted of their three kids their Daughter and two sons and the first Thing that came out was people were Accusing our oh you're you're Photoshopping ABS onto your kids why Would you do that which they didn't they Didn't Um and then it became well if you're if It's not photoshopping then your kids Are unhealthy and they look at them They're they're too muscular what's Going on Uh this went on for a couple of days and Jesse James finally had to respond to This and she said being accused of Photoshopping ads on my kids I can't Help but laugh or the polar opposite Over over training our kids makes me Realize how bizarre our world has gotten Regarding the body and what's normal and What's not let's not pick and choose What we normalize regarding bodies and Be accepting of all people and children So these kids live with a professional

Athlete their dad's a professional Athlete mom is in great shape I imagine They eat very well also but not just That and they they Um are athletic these kids your daughter Is a gymnast uh one of the sons is plays Is it football he plays is an athlete And the other one is a Dancer like They're active kids correct and I don't Really understand what the allegations Here are like obviously I understand Them photoshopping or whatever which she Adam Lee denies but the allegations are What that Eric Decker is making them Bench press in their basement at night It's insane what are the alligator is Like even if they're doing sit-ups let's Say why is that an issue if they are I Mean they're gymnasts and football Players and dancers and maybe they want To be that and do sit-ups or something I Don't understand why that's wrong but The allegations that they're power Cleaning in their bedrooms at night And there are a thousand people in their In their parents basement who are on Twitter right now that are just looking For who who am I going to hate what am I Going to do and they're I mean this is Absurd let's just say what it is there's A lot of people who looked at that photo And thought how come those kids are in Such great shape and I can't get in Trouble I don't think that's what it is

I think people just want to hate and the Other thing is and I'm sorry for I'm Just going to say it it's like There is such a huge crisis in this Country with obesity and there are and And with kids and part of this has to do With with the junk food and all this Other stuff it's a huge problem with Kids and it is a Health crisis with kids And People are not even allowed to talk About that You can talk about it but don't specif Don't look at a particular child and you Shouldn't body same children at all how About we don't talk about kids bodies no We should talk generally about we can Talk generally about health yes about Being healthy but not like picking a kid But right but it's like you're not but a Lot of people say no no you can't do That you can't talk about that but this This is terrible this is awful these Parents are abusing them they're doing Something wrong this is insanity Yeah it's crazy it's like they want Their children to look like a meatball Sandwich I mean these kids work out and Their parents understand something about Nutrition Um horrible man yeah it just seems weird To go if Elon Musk would tackle this Yeah all right no you should tackle that Problem no kidding


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