Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes Go to Church Together After Mental Health Breaks | TMZ TV

But tonight Bieber's at a slightly less Gassy place where your family Church with his spiritual partner Sean Sean Sean Mendes they went to a church Home in Beverly Hills that's really Interesting because they have something In common they're both non-threatening Canadians they have both recently Canceled their tours because of mental Health issues that's it because Sean Canceled in July to ground myself and Come back stronger and Justin canceled a Few months later you go to religion when You're when you're struggling and you Try to find a bigger meeting I looked up So back in March of this year Shawn Mendes told billboard he was exploring Hinduism oh interesting but Justin's Dragging him back to the church or Sean Is trying to bring Justin over to Hinduism but they were at church that Does complicate But don't these guys have something else In common they both dated Haley oh yeah Haley was not there she was at a Tiffany Event you don't want them to talking About you guys they went to church Together and they're both struggling you Guys are so petty well yeah but everyone Knows there's only one reason to go to Church if no one got married or died There's a lot of freaks at church not Exactly how we'd put it but yep Sean is Single maybe that's where he wants to

Like pick up ladies they say oh my God Charlie So Justin's his wingman they did Show up in a whip that purrs like a lion In heat Someone's on the prowl you go in for Like the last five minutes you get your Communion bread you act like you went And then like you meet people you're There for the wine Only because they don't serve liquor so Good luck with the soul searching

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