Kanye Jeopardizes Custody W/ Anti-Semitic Rants | TMZ Live

Foreign There are consequences that go Way Beyond business with him right now Because he is still in the middle of a Divorce now we broke this story that the Divorce they separated the official Divorce from two remaining issues child Custody and property settlement property Settlement is not going to be that much Of an issue custody now in the wake of These anti-semitic rants that Kanye made The white lives matter shirts the Comments about George all of it over the Last month and his mental illness that Could Be a big factor in this divorce which is Looming right now Um If they don’t work out any custody Arrangement and they’re not talking Exactly they’re not one they’re not Talking two how much time has passed Since they they’ve actually been Divorced They’re not working out a custody Arrangement this is going to happen in Court I mean barring something it Certainly is feeling the way he doesn’t Even have a lawyer anymore so now the Question could a judge look at Kanye West in court if he shows up and say I Want to talk to you about your mental State right now are you taking your meds What is going on with these Rants and is

It impacting the children because The Guiding Light the North Star in custody Cases is called best interests of the Kids and if the kids in any way are in Jeopardy with Kanye getting custody or Say unsupervised visitation right that’s Going to be an issue it’s not an issue Of Ken Kanye how Kanye is treating the Kids no one is questioning how he treats The kids but the things he is saying and Doing certainly could put them at risk Being out in public uh with their father That’s That is clear from everything that has Happened over the last month maybe you Can you can clear this up Harvey but is This can a judge do that or does Kim’s Side first have to raise these issues or Can a judge come in and say look I’ve Done my homework I’ve followed you Kanye I’ve seen what you’ve done what you’ve Lost and here’s why I want to talk about It well I mean it’s a good question They’re gonna Kim is gonna have to come In Brad with some proposal she’s going To have to say 80 20 custody I want Physical custody he gets because she’s Got to come in with something and that Opens the door for the judge to start Asking questions I mean all those Questions though would let’s say Kim Doesn’t go to court and raise it and Maybe the judge doesn’t say something to Kanye at this point even if when they

Have the trial there’s no way this Doesn’t come up it’s going to come up in The trial we’re going to face these Questions so it will be a factor at some Point uh or another in what happens with The custody of their kids at the very Least the judge is going to ask about His meds because look he has a mental Illness we now know that he’s Acknowledged that knowledge and he’s Also acknowledged Um that he doesn’t always medication Because he says it it tamps down his Creativity or whatever so the judge is Going to ask that and and to me at the Very least I could see a judge saying at this point That there’ll be visitation but it’s Going to be supervised yeah and she had Always Brad my recollection is they’ve Always talked up to this point about Joint custody right it’s always been Joint custody he’s always been allowed To see the kids when he wanted as long As they didn’t have something already Planned or they were at school or Whatever and it’s always been a very Open kind of custody agreement we we saw That as recently as Paris when he had His easy Fashion Show when he wore the White lives matter shirt all of the kids Were there Kim was not and it’s because He wanted them there yeah that could Change with everything that’s going on

And look we don’t know that it’s going To but I can tell you that a judge given This kind of backdrop and I don’t know What Kim is going to say in court or Lawyer but at a point Um the judge is going to ask some pretty Hard questions that he’s going to have To answer All right Julissa Danielle Houston Texas So this whole Kanye thing I just feel Like it just needs to stop when you have The media constantly on you all the time I think that’s why he’s acting the way That he does and to think that like when You’re canceling and taking away things From people they think it’s supposed to Put you in your place but in reality I Feel like it’s just gonna backfire and Feel the fire somewhere else the only Thing I’d say I I hear what you’re Saying that how Kanye is going to react To all this stuff uh being all the Business being taken away from him but The media and other companies weren’t on Kanye until he started saying all right If you remember there was for several Months where Kanye was quiet wasn’t Saying anything nobody was talking about In the media companies were doing Business with him until he started Raising him that’s right saying that the Companies were screwing with him and That’s when it became a bigger thing by The way there’s there’s another there’s

Another ripple effect of this which is The Don dick his donda Academy some some Of his kids uh who are you know very Excellent basketball players they are on There’s a tournament coming up a National tournament and it’s really Important for these kids to play in that Tournament but the organizers have said They do not want the danda academy team To play in those games yeah and Charles This is a big blow to these kids I mean You know they’re very talented kids I Mean trying about five-star recruits you Know kids going to Kentucky and this is One of the biggest basketball Tournaments in the world uh bronnie James is expected to be there in the Past LeBron has played in this Tournament Kobe Kevin Durant so this is A big deal and now these kids through no Fault of their own are left out because Kanye West has has uh you know has Spread this hate there’s more Sports Implications though so con uh Kanye also Has a sports marketing agency and he had Uh two of the biggest stars a basketball Player on the Celtics and Jalen Brown And Aaron Donald the Superstar from the Rams both of those guys have uh said we Cannot be be a part of down to sports Anymore so they have terminated their Contract so he just lost these two huge Athletes now Antonio Brown is the President of Don to sports last night

Antonio Brown who has his own issues he Comes out and he uh puts out the Statement of support for Kanye says guy Listen to this says the media has blown Kanye’s uh words or taken his words out Of proportion don’t know how you can Ever say that Um so so Antonio Brown go figure is Sticking with Kanye West everyone else Is out wow this is and and does this end I mean I I don’t know what I don’t know How it ends because what it what it Seems to require is that companies and People who are associating with Kanye Would like to hear him Explain further and retract his Statements I don’t think that’s and he’s Not going to do it he’s not going to do It and if he did it at this point it Would be false and and you know and look We don’t know the medical state but it Feels like this he’s in the middle of Something All right

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