Kanye West Celebrates Saint’s 7th Birthday at Kim Kardashian’s House | TMZ TV

Renowned anti-semi Kanye West just made His most shocking appearance yet at his Son's seventh birthday party Kim Kardashian had Kanye West over at her House to celebrate their son Saints Seventh birthday yep that's yay not Getting turned away when he pulled up to His ex-wife's house thing is after all The things he said last week we were Waiting to see if Kim was at some point Gonna say go go to court and say look I Don't want him around the kids at this Point But uh for now it seems like she's not Gonna rock the boat I wonder what gift He got for the kids I'm sure it's better Than what you take from here to give Your kids Hey he may be cheap but he's also Unlikable as for Kanye seen here with His post party expression looks like Kim Sticking to the divorce settlement Giving him equal access to the kids if She's there and Family's there and it's A birthday party and they feel like they Came to control to what extent the Environment I can understand this which May be why Kanye was invited to the House Monday night but wasn't at the Disneyland bash earlier that day or at The really big celebration at the Rams Game at Sofi Stadium on Sunday three Birthdays mom's a billionaire yeah you Want Kim to get Saint a Costco cake and

That's it Costco cake and that's it how Jealous are you a little bit jealous so Happy birthday Saint is that the Super Bowl trophy [Music]

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