Kanye West Could Buy ‘White Lives Matter’ Rights For $1 Billion, Owners Say | TMZ

If Kanye West or someone were to come up To you they would say Ramses I want to Pay you X Y and Z for this trademark What would that number have to be for You to sell the trademark Well it's important to bear in mind that Um right now we're not looking for that We're not soliciting that we don't Anticipate that as an outcome Uh however we were tasked with doing the Most good with this maneuver Um and if there was a person say for Instance who came forward and said I Would like to offer you a billion Dollars for this Mark Um there is a lot more because we were Charged with donating uh that money Um uh to to certain we have to spread That money around to different black Orcs fighting for black and brown uh People's uh rights and communities Across the country uh words like the NAACP orgs like um the Urban League uh Even the United Negro College Fund Um and uh It we have to wait we were tasked with Weighing what that number could be and For us you know I we haven't talked About it of course but a billion dollars Might Do more good in terms of combating voter Suppression initiatives it might do a Little bit more good in terms of you Know combat bringing attention to

Environmental racism bringing attention To uh police brutality uh and getting Police reform really uh off the ground Um politically at Kanye West just Started deciding to sell white lives Matter shirts would you take legal Action against him Uh so we have a lawyer that would take Legal action against anyone who Infringes on our trademarked uh uh Material yes you have to be in business Um to uh protect your trademark but There is no requirement that says you Have to be successful in business Um and so I at present uh am not Promoting where you can find and acquire These shows or sorry these shirts Um and uh if a person was to find that They might discover that it is not Priced in a way that most people can Afford

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