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Foreign Has made a lot of news this weekend and The latest is last night he went to Dinner at Giorgio baldy a very popular Restaurant Jay-Z was there Beyonce was There Dustin Hoffman was there he wasn't At their table he brought Milo Yiannopoulos a famous alt-right Winger And made a lot of anti-Semitic comments And somebody who in the past is made Right not as he walked into the Restaurant uh somebody else joined them For dinner which was really interesting After they showed up moments later Ray J Showed up and join them for dinner and What's really puzzling is why now as We've been chronicling here I mean Kanye West has become sort of persona on grata In a lot of circles uh because of the Things he said of the bigoted things he Said the anti-semitic things he said Um and by the way and the Thanksgiving Dinner he had uh at Donald Trump's place With Nick Fuentes who is a just like a Bigot beyond words and white supremacist And Ray J showed up for this dinner we Are trying to figure out why um now look There is history here Ray J is enraged With the Kardashians in rage over the Sex tape and we have reported this Talked about it and if he was talking to Kanye about that or he was talking to Kanye about music you'd get it but the Fact that Milo yiannopoulos is there at

The table makes it seem like this was Not about music or about and even and Even if that was the plan given what Kanye has done over the last four or Five days it is puzzling and frankly a Little bit shocking that Ray J showed up And we tried to find out uh and so far Radio Silence has come back we we have No idea because his people have not Gotten back to us but it's a little bit Shocking I gotta say I think we may be Overthinking this a little bit I mean Ray J and I'm not this is not treated on Him at all is a person who follows Fame Wherever it might take him and again It's no shade he's made a very Successful career out of this I think When somebody like Ray J gets invited to A dinner by somebody of the of the Stature of Kanye West despite the Controversies I'm not saying that Reggie Didn't think about it and maybe wonder If it was the right thing to do but he Didn't want to turn this opportunity Down to have dinner with one of the Biggest faces in in the world Jason to Your point he did remember last month we Saw him show up in Nashville with uh With Kanye and Candace Owens and at that Point that was right on the heels of the White lives matter shirts so there was Already plenty of heat around Kanye and Yet and obviously around Candace Owens Um and Ray J chose to show up so maybe

We are Jason you're right maybe we're Overthinking it it's either just because He want it's clout chasing or maybe his His political views alignment I don't Understand that at all I don't Understand that at all I get that he is Into Fame But if you followed anything that's Going on gone since since Thanksgiving Sure with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes And all of the things that have happened I I don't care I mean at a point Devil's Advocate could Ray J and like You said we have reached out to his Camp No no not that he knew didn't know is it Possible for Ray J to go to dinner and Say I went because I want to talk to Kanye about X Y and Z I'm not involved In any of that other stuff that he's Dealing with with politics Ray J is so Savvy when it comes to media And he knows Giorgio Baldi is one of Five restaurants in La where they're a Paparazzi of course he knows they're Going to be popular and he's going to Know the association so I think he Didn't care I think if he's going to do That he's gotta where is the statement This morning stating that I mean he's Allowing this to breathe for for a long Period of time and I think you know Although I do think he he was doing it As a cloud chaser or whatever there is The issue that Kanye has suffered an

Enormous financial and popularity hit Based on his recent activity Ray J Can't Withstand that kind of hit right he he's Not the star that Kanye is and I wonder If his career is as is stable enough to Withstand this kind of association with Kanye and let's not even forget I mean Kanye is dismissed by some as being a Little bit crazy or whatever nobody Dismisses Miley Annapolis is anything But Nick Fuentes as being anything but Hardcore right-wing sort of hate mongers To be at dinner with them that's even More shocking to me I would love to know What Beyonce and Jay-Z were thinking Because they weren't at the table with Him right but it's not that government It's not that big a restaurant right and You just got to imagine with all that Went on can we just talk about that for A minute that you know Donald Trump is Saying I didn't know who Nick Fuentes is Which is hard for me to believe but take Nick Fuentes out of the equation having Dinner with Kanye West who was on an Anti-semitic rant for weeks and weeks And weeks you know I get that Donald Trump is looking for anybody but what Trump said I mean his words were that he Was reaching out to help yay because He's a psychologist Maybe he felt like inviting him was Somehow gonna you know have Kanye

Disavow the anti-semitic things he said I I don't know but that's what he that's What Trump has said I'm not buying it Are you buying that no of course not I Mean it's absurd and you know the idea That you know that Kanye West shows up At Mar-A-Lago and says yeah I'm going to Bring a couple of buddies along and they Say oh yeah come in they have that Secret service right they vet people I Mean you got to understand present Former presidents have a big security Detail if you've ever seen Obama over The last four or five years you've seen This huge security system it seems weird That you even even yeah you could just Show up at Trump's house and be like I'm Bringing some people you can't do that Or I have not been vetted you can't do That you just can't do that so the idea That you know playing oh I didn't know I Didn't know I'm sorry it's impossible to Buy hi my name is Monique and I'm Calling him from Baltimore I just feel Like it's just three clout trait chases Attention seeking at dinner just to make The headlines because they know that Everybody's gonna go crazy and talk About it I don't think it's too deep Though yeah but crazy in a bad way I Mean I understand the concept that any Publicity is good publicity there's a Line there you know and there's by the Way and Kanye was shown that line

Costume by his count two billion dollars So there is definitely a line and Anybody else who's associating them Would have to be worried about that line Also you know the only thing the only Thing you're saying is defense though is He's got a mental illness and we don't Know how much of that equation is front And center with all of this right but it Seems like it's gotten worse I mean it Seems like he's just off the rails and You know and for other people to you Know to kind of co-sign on that to me is Just bizarre I'm really shocked to this Ray J

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