Kanye West Loses Billionaire Status After Adidas Terminates Deal | TMZ TV

Kanye West Under Fire vilified his Business partners Jumping Ship after all That hate speech Yes it’s another Episode of Kanye West the embeddled Billionaire oh sorry slight title change Oh no but yes demoted and what was the Final nail and Adidas announced that his Cut ties with Kanye West and the easy Brand but more upsetting to him uh Forbes now says he’s not a billionaire Anymore a couple years back Forbes Valued Kanye’s net worth at 1.3 billion Now they say after this it’s about 400 Million 401. so does Kanye get alimony From Kim now Well he’s still got real estate his Music catalog and a Nifty five percent Of Kim skins as for Adidas they say they Expect to lose nearly a quarter billion This year by ending the deal he just Bungled this by waiting so long you lose The juice of the moral outrage they said That their partnership was under review That was before the anti-semitic remark They totally pulled the plug immediately On the anti-semitic remarks and they did After boycott Adidas started trending They had to be done with this what Happens to Kanye now I guess he put out Like a one ad is there a Shoe Company I Can take over he posted that a couple Weeks ago Kanye West Crocs Crocs with a K oh Two k’s we’re only one away yeah

This meeting of the billionaire club is Adjourned Kanye leave your parking pass

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