Khloe And Tristan Come Together For Kids Halloween Party | TMZ TV

Tristan Thompson is back with the Kardashians for Halloween so he was Spotted on North's Tick-tocks like it's Bigfoot the Kardashians had a big Halloween party All the kids were there and you see Tristan standing not next to Chloe but Kind of behind her in the vicinity he's Got a full Iron Man mask in his hand Which I assume is how he got into the Party they probably didn't invite him he Probably so how come me she's all she's All like verbally like oh he's the worst Persons the fact that she's he's around Them it sounds like she's able to kind Of separate her feelings I really admire Her for this action I do yeah I mean if it's a family party And the baby it was cute true was Holding the baby There he's gotta go Get a coach yes that is my kid's Favorite holiday even if he doesn't need To be he deserves to be if he wants to Be there he should be there do you think He's going to miss the skanky costumes On Halloween [Music]

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