Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Attend Saint’s Football Game | TMZ Live

[Music] An interesting scenario uh we we know We've seen Kim Kardashian and Kanye West At their children's uh activities Sporting events uh for weeks now and Kim has never acknowledged Kanye even When they got when he got into a fight With another parent got into an argument With another parent she stayed out of it But this is she put a wallet between the Two of them right um but this weekend There was some conversation this uh was During a one of saints saint had a um a Flag football game interestingly played On the field at Sofi uh Stadium Uh and they were both standing next to Each other there appeared to be some Communication we don't know exactly what Was said looks pretty cordial you guys And which is a far far new Avenue from What we saw last time which was you know Kim and Connie and not even sitting next To each other at games but here they are Kim looks happy she looks engaged in the Conversation of course it could just be You know her tiptoeing around everything That's going on with Kanye right now but Big big step and everyone seemed good You know what's interesting about it is That North is standing there also and I Think that certainly helps govern the Conversation that they want to be civil In front of their kids right and because North is standing right there that

Definitely helps I'm going to take this A step further Kim is on a high wire Right now trying to you know get from One part of the mountain to the next and It is a struggle for her because Obviously Kanye has been saying and Doing things that have rocked this Family to its core Um you know putting the name of the School that their kids go to Out Among Many other things and Um she is trying to navigate this they Have a trial date set for next month for Child custody if they can't reach a Settlement this is going to court and a Judge is going to have to decide and Given everything that's going on with Kanye this is not going to go well and So she knows all this and I think she's Got to somehow walk on eggshells so I Don't think this this is a Kumbaya Moment for Kim this is her trying to Exactly trying to keep everything afloat And perhaps open some channel of Conversation not there on the sidelines Of this game but hopefully he gets in a Headspace where he's like all right Let's try and work something out Before this ends up in court because Even though clearly it would it would Appear she's going to be would be the Victor in any sort of Court battle like That I don't think she wants that either No she does you got to realize too but

She's got to get him to and even if they Settle and it doesn't go to court in December it can go to court at any point If things go south right and so you know She's in it for the long haul I mean They are joined at the hip for the rest Of their lives with four kids and you Know this is just a really tough Position sure the hope is that he will Engage with his inter with his attorneys Which we know has not been happening a Lot right Hey it's TJ Legacy from Gainesville Florida and I think it's a beautiful Thing to see Kim and Kanye co-parenting I think as polarizing as Kanye West has Been one thing you can't take away from Kanye is his pursuit of trying to be a Great dad so maybe next time he goes to The game he'll wear a black father's Master shirt instead of a white lives Matter that he wore at uh North Basketball game so as an expecting Father I think it's a beautiful thing That he wants to be Active in his child in his children's Lives maybe no Insignia is on the shirt How's that just no insignias whatsoever How does that work he is I will say Through all of this the one thing is he Is always just kidding for the kids Games absolutely that's not changing it Should [Music]

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