Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Settle Divorce, Kim Gets $200K a Month in Child Support | TMZ LIVE

Foreign Have settled the divorce remember there Will be no trial we told you that They've already been officially divorced But they were two big issues child Custody and property settlement and Kanye was just not having it not Engaging hiring lawyer after lawyer well We have not skipped his deposition so There's a trial looming December 14th we Found out yesterday they hashed it out And they have come to an agreement that They just filed with the court we broke The story on the website just a few Minutes ago we have the details let's Start with child custody so Kim and Kanye are getting as they put it this is Joint custody they are getting quote Equal access to the kids now that sounds Uh like 50 no but even Kanye has Acknowledged that it's more like Kim's Gonna have the kids eighty percent and I Would bet even more than that I agree With you and by the away this is what's Already happening so right Kanye didn't Say it's going to happen in the future He's saying that's the way it is now and It's not going to be less for Kim Probably as you say more right so that's The custody agreement Um on the surface there's money involved In this oh big money child support that It will be paid by Kanye every month two Hundred thousand dollars every month to

Kim to Kim now I know that sounds weird And it sounds kind of like wait a minute Kim's a billionaire why is she getting Child support because it's been equally Paying for their kids precisely so it Really lets you know how much they spend On their kids that's a hundred thousand A kid a month that's a hundred thousand Dollars a kid every month but remember It it accounts for everything and all This other medical housing schools they Go to you know expensive private schools So speaking of Kanye is going to pay Half of the tuition half of the security Frankly I'm surprised he's not paying More because of what he's done sure by Mentioning the name of the school on Social media but he's paying half of That as well now and I'm sure there's a College fund that he's putting into Because they want to make sure they're Saving enough For college and a condo right Now there's one that is a lot of money There's one there's one thing that's Really important and we've talked about This for a long time that they are Joined at the hip for the rest of their Lives with four kids with graduations And weddings and kids and whatnot so Over the years there could be a dispute That erupts over what to do with a kid You know where they have disagreements They have agreed in this settlement to

Mediate any of those disputes now here's This is the key thing about the media Yeah mediation we see that in a lot of Agreements now credit to Laura wasser Who represents Kim who really engineered This that they wrote in there that if One person fails to show up for the Mediation the other person gets to make The call to make the call and that says Can you read between the lines yeah Pretty pretty clearly Kim's efforts to Make sure that she can hold this to a Cat and move things along if there is a Decision that something they're in Dispute of that can actually get Resolution and Kanye won't continue to Skip out on meeting and resolving things And meeting for mediation I'm surprised Given I mean 200 000 a month is a lot of Money but it's not really right we're Talking 2.4 million dollars a year which Is really a drop in a giant bucket for The two of them so the difficulty here Was just getting Kanye to participate And this mediation Clause where if Somebody doesn't participate the other Person gets what they want is meant to Account for that I think it does a Really effective job in that now the one Thing in their agreement here that I Think speaking of mediation that may Lead to mediation down the road equal Access I understand why they use that Phrase that they have both parents have

Equal access But it just seems a little bit gray it Is I think it's meant probably Intentionally because of Kanye but I Think I think that's why but that could Also be what causes a dispute down the Road absolutely where one of them Disagrees and that would probably be Kanye with the access he's getting to One or all of the kids we've seen that In the past right no so by the way we Should say that there is a property Settlement but it's governed by their Prenup they had a prenup they agreed to Honor the prenup by the way the prenup Also says no spousal support which Totally makes sense so it's over it's Over with a couple of weeks to spare Before a trial which would have been A fiasco I think Um but again this you you got to Understand this is a huge deal to in the Middle of everything that's going on With Connie and we're going to mention It right now yeah with everything that's Going on with him that they were able to Engineer this and Kim was be was able to Be patient enough to kind of keep the Temperature down and settle this is Almost miraculous right

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