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[Music] Kim and Pete turns out Kim Kardashian is Not taking a second bite of the Apple Well that is we should explain that Davidson and nor is he taking a second Bite stories have come out suggesting That Kim went to New York uh she's gone To a restaurant that she used to go to With Pete so there are some stories out That maybe they have given it a second Chance not so yeah I mean there's There's been online speculation even Kim's fans track her jet on Twitter and Say oh she's in New Jersey I think she's Gonna go see Pete look we're told if They came face to face Kim and Pete Would be friendly there's no bad blood But this notion that they're Communicating or they're back together That he reached out to see how she is After the whole Kanye drama just isn't True now I did ask look any chances they They get to bat get back together I'm Told that's highly unlikely you can Never say never but uh look she's in her 40s he's still in his late 20s she has Four kids he says he wants kids in the Future it's just not gonna work out by The way it doesn't mean if two people Break up that they can't communicate in The future and maybe she will talk to Him and he'll talk to her in the future But if they were communicating now Because it's so recent I don't know I

Mean how are you doing you know it Doesn't have to be bad blood where one Of the things is people have said well She's gone to this restaurant called Zero Bond well it's the hottest Restaurant in New York it used to be the Place that Kim went with and at some Point if you can't go to a restaurant You like just because you went there With someone it's come on it doesn't Mean okay but here's the question here We go if she starts dating somebody else Can they go to the restaurant that she Went to with the prior guy that's Actually of course I think so just a Restaurant I agree but it's a thing that Is a thing and I I never understood it But people you can't take somebody to The place that you go back to something Brad did you say that or fans track her Jet to see what I mean they track The Jets and see where she is I mean They they're on Twitter yesterday saying He's in New Jersey right now I mean we Saw her out at dinner at New York City With some friends so she wasn't with Pete but I guess I shouldn't be Surprised after all the docu-series We've seen about you know internets lose Solving cold cases however however I Mean New York is not like you know uh The Siberia she goes there for business Right so it's not always because oh She's got to go see Pete secretly now if

She went to Staten Island well that Would be different that would be Different Area it's just it's not worth it Wouldn't normally go and if you went to That restaurant that would be another Thing watch to see when the jet lands in Staten Island which I don't think I Don't think there's an airport there I Think it could my name is Malcolm I'm From DC and I'm talking about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson uh pretty Much their relationship has been uh Really different I mean like it's a Really public relationship so not a lot Of people understand what goes on into a Relationship like that because not all Of us are famous like them and the fact That they don't have contact and a lot Of people are saying that they did I Mean a lot of us just simply don't know What goes on into their lives because We're not these people and it certainly Doesn't matter what the media says right What anyone else says about them because They are who they are they're not going To be anyone else that is well put that Is really well put you're absolutely Right incredibly level-headed yep oh God That's What a concept [Music] Thank you [Music]

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