Kim Kardashian Ditches Balenciaga for Art Basel | TMZ TV

First she split from yay then she split From Pete and now it's Kim Kardashian in A fast firm and seemingly final fashion Split Decision Kim Kardashian stepped Out at our Basel in Miami and she was Missing uh a partner that she's been With for a long time she wasn't wearing Valenciaga that's right cause with Valenciaga still under Fire As a look was one Remember we were the ones that broke the Story that she declined the campaign Deal that Balenciaga offered her and Also said that she was canceling any Plans to wear the brand in the future And the future is now cause Kim stepped Out in a Vex latex top vintage pants and Dior sunglasses and the reviews are Unanimous that is a Hot Topic oh my God She looks amazing and that is the worst Outfit I've seen on Wednesday Instagram Outfit and by unanimous we mean Completely all over the place she looks Great it's a little bit like sexy Buzz Lightyear to infinity and Balenciaga be Gone because either way Kim is a fashion Free agent now what if she did something Like that would be really kind of Socially useful and she starts stressing From Goodwill I'm actually serious no That'd be messed up people need Goodwill Clothes no no you go and buy at Goodwill Do you know what headaches that would Cause for the people at Goodwill they'd

Be like I want the jacket Kim War They're like sir we don't have a Collection it's just one and you pay by The pound love the new totally Balenciaga List look Kim [Music]

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