Kim Kardashian Faces Her Biggest Fear | TMZ TV

Kim Kardashian has faced her biggest Fear it is a tarantula so Kim her kids You don't see them you just hear them They find a tarantula inside of her House Don't get near it don't get near it it's Got to be a tarantula this is not a Tarantula no that is big in here it's a Spot it's a Small smile Calls it a tarantula tarantulas are so Much bigger it could be a baby tarantula No no she thought it was dead that was The scariest thing she was standing There and the kids are freaking out and Then they're like don't touch it don't Touch it and then she's like is it alive It's alive and then it moves Given the fact that we've evolved in Terms of how we think of different Things is calling a spider a black widow Are they going to change the name why Well it's the idea of of killing the man The man yeah well that's what she does What are you objecting to I want to get To the bottom of this I think the idea Of saying that women kill men why can't Women kill men

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