Kim Kardashian Posts Lingerie Pics as Pete Davidson Hangs with Emily Ratajkowski | TMZ TV

That's a newly single Emily radakowski Coming home after delivering her special Gifts to some guy named Pete on his Birthday Pete Davidson with Emily Radakowski together on his birthday Pete Davidson and Emily radakowski beat Strikes again and he never strikes out Anybody that P Davidson is interested in Is going to date people yeah being with Him also UPS your stop because it's like All of the girls have been like bombed Yeah one of the things I love about this Repeat look at how she's dressed when he Would go out with Kim he would still Dress the way he dresses but Kim would Dress up this couple makes more sense All I'm thinking is this guy is king of The world he is having a pretty great 29th and it started when he arrived at Emily's Manhattan pad to pick her up Then sped off before she got in the car There was like a ton of Paparazzi he was Like not having it so then she ended up Meeting him she took an Uber all the way To Pete's Place in Brooklyn this must be Serious he chose to be with her on his Birthday Even brought a gift appears to be a book But Pete wrote the book there will be Textbooks written about P Davis there Will be a college class about Pete Davidson there needs to be a scientific Study fund that new Congress as for Emily looks like pizza into it

Um he's definitely into her look at that Look at that look at that face yours or His happy birthday Pete Pete Davidson may be boning Emily Radakowski but his ex Kim Kardashian Clearly doesn't care cause she just Posted this yep nothing to see here just A lady in skimpy lingerie who's totally Over her ex after uh uh Emily was at Pete's apartment Kim posted a bunch of Pictures of herself in skimpy skimpy Lingerie this is too coincidental Charles what time did you post the Emily Ratajkowski video 8 30 P.M Later she posts this 10 10 p.m 10 P.M Time checks out he's right 10 p.m is Later than 8 30. thanks for verifying But Kim was advertising her holiday Skims shop so maybe that's all this was Though that theory brings one word to Mind That's the one Yep this was her saying She cares he's with Emily Ratajkowski She cares a lot A few photo shoot this gave her just Enough time to get a photographer over To her house hair and makeup in her Underwear photographer says the person Whose job is a photographer hey just Cause she doesn't know how to pronounce What she does for a living doesn't mean She's not great at it as for Kim's maybe Message to Pete shouldn't we factor in That the reports were that she broke up

With him that does not matter because Even if you break up with that person You still want to know that they're Lingering long and their life is Miserable you can have them That wasn't once one of the truest and Saddest things I've ever heard and she Meant it Which is why we're just a teeny tiny bit Terrified of her thanks for the sexy Kim

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