King Charles Gets Eggs Thrown at Him by Protester | TMZ Royal Tea

King Charles got into a bit of a sticky Situation after a protester hurled eggs At him during a royal outing in the city Of York [Music] [Applause] The king and queen consort Camilla were Out and about on Wednesday and about to Enter under a historic Gateway when a Man in the middle of the gathered crowd Reportedly said this country was built On the blood of slaves and unloaded Several eggs in their Direction what's Interesting is that not a single egg Actually hit the king they kind of just Fell on the floor in his General Direction cops and apparently a couple Of citizens quickly took the man down as The crowd around them cheered and the 23 Year old was apparently arrested on Suspicion of public order offense [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] The king and his Queen consort escaped The situation unscathed although it was Interesting to note that while he stayed Calm cool and collected throughout this Incident this was a stark contrast when He lost his temper over spilled ink a Few weeks ago that's all for now but be Sure to check back for more Royal news

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