Leonardo DiCaprio’s Star-Studded 48th Birthday Party Was Stacked | TMZ TV

Leonardo DiCaprio turned 48 years old And had a star-studded party Jamie Foxx Was there LeBron was there Mick Jagger Toby McGuire Adrian Brody Ramey Malek Casey Affleck Wesley Snipes Stella Maxwell Nikki Hilton and we won't get a Lot of pictures because he made everyone Lock their phones he got those little Security pouches how does that sit with Somebody like Mick Jagger we don't quite Trust you enough he's the one guy they Let keep it because he probably doesn't Know how to work it oh why because no Because he's old he knows on stage and Performs for three hours a night still You're saying yes I think he can move His hips but he probably can't work the Flashlight on his phone yeah that's what I'm saying he only has a Life Alert he Doesn't even have a cell phone he just Has that button oh my God if he had to Put his medical bracelet So Mick could you put the Life Alert in Yes

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