Marilyn Monroe’s Suit from Joe DiMaggio’s Wedding Up for Sale | TMZ TV

Christmas is going to come early for Some lucky millionaire so Marilyn Monroe's two-piece brown suit from her Wedding to Joe DiMaggio is going up for Sale this was the outfit that she wore When she went to the city hall in San Francisco got married to Joe so it's Going up for auction and expecting it to Get between 1.5 million to 2 million Dollars I don't think so I'm down with a Lot of these I don't get this one the Dress on the like the air vent thing Would get that money but not the suit One but the thing that's shocking to me Is that Marilyn Monroe didn't wear a Like traditional wedding dress well when You go to City Hall you don't wear fun Fact I'm getting married here I'm not Wearing a traditional wedding dress okay Perfect so here's my question if you Could would you wear the dress Maryland Got married Understanding that it was a very Troubled marriage and ended in divorce I Would still wear it Marilyn Monroe an Iconic dress I mean the fur collar the Like little suits so cute when you Increase the chances of getting divorced From Johnny to wear the dress I mean I'm Open for divorce [Applause] [Music]

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