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[Music] The mega and the stallion shooting case Is now in full swing Tori uh Tory Lanez Is on trial it is day two uh and it is a Big day because Megan actually got on The stand today yes and testified about What happened uh on that night two and a Half years ago when she says Tori opened Fire and shot her in the in both of her Feet so yesterday during opening Statements Tori's team laid out a whole Theory about why they say and this is Their theory that he didn't have any Motive to shoot her he didn't shoot her Right it was actually her friend Kelsey Well friend at the time they're no Longer friends but at the time they were Best friends everywhere you see men saw Mega styling you saw Kelsey literally Arm in arm Um so they say that Kelsey actually is Fired now uh Megan on the stand today Did resp did address some of that uh Theory Um and she laid out everything That happened now I think one of the Biggest things is she once uh she got on The stand the prosecution asked her did She have an intimate relationship with Tory Lanez and that is very uh key Because that's a question that she got When she was on CBS with Gail King doing An interview and she said squarely no it Was not different story today on the

Stand that's right you guys and that's Going to come up in cross-examination I'm sure uh in just a moment here but as Far as what she said on the stand and Kind of how it sort of contradicts what The defense was laying out yesterday uh Basically I'll quickly recap what the Defense was saying they were saying that This shooting basically amounted to a Cat fight a jealousy fuel fueled Explosion between Kelsey and Megan and They were trying to suggest that Kelsey Might have been the shooter not Tori and That the reason that Kelsey might have Shot Megan is because they were Basically allegedly sleeping with some Of the same people some high profile Names are mentioned uh and basically Tori is saying that Bible should say the Names that that were put out there by The defense the baby uh NBA player Ben Simmons right right and then Kylie Jenner was also allegedly at the center Of this too supposedly her being in the Pool of Tory is kind of what set Megan Off according to his defense team and That she started allegedly throwing a Fit got kicked out they all left Together what Megan is saying is Different now she was on the stand and She did some address some of the details Of this she said they were at the pool Party she invited Tori to come he came Late uh eventually uh she she wanted to

Leave so they all eventually left she Said that Tori had an attitude in the Car and that they all started bickering With each other and then he according to Her he addressed Kelsey and said stop Lying stop lying uh and that seems to Reference what Tori was talking about About was he apparently he was sleeping With both of them that's kind of what She seems to be admitting and then she Had mixed that that at that moment that Was the moment when Kelsey found out Right because Kelsey had these feelings For Tory correct and then what Megan is Saying as opposed to what Tori claimed Which is that fight erupted between Kelsey and her Megan is now saying Actually the fight erupted between Tori And Kelsey and she just wanted to get Out of the car apparently she tried Exiting a couple times on that second Time she was outside trying to like Leave the situation entirely she claims That she turned around saw Tory like out The window Um and aiming the gun at her she says That she saw him squarely and she says That she heard him say dance [ __ ] and That's when she says she heard the fires The the shots fired she went into shock She felt pain was starting to black out A little bit uh and she started to crawl Away she says that somehow she made her Way back in the car after that and she

Claims that she heard Tory Lanez begging Her to not say anything because at this Point the police are on the way they Could hear the sirens correct and she Was saying that Tori was begging her not To say anything supposedly he was on Probation and the big Bombshells that She claims he offered her a million Dollars to to shut her trap essentially And don't say anything don't talk to the Cops the cops eventually arrived and That's the video that we have where She's exiting everyone on the ground so That's kind of what she's saying and she Got very emotional teared up a lot Um and I'm very curious to see how it Weighed on the jury because you know When a victim and when an alleged victim Is speaking on the stand we know it's Powerful yeah very powerful and she she Teared up a lot too like when they Showed her the videos of her in the Ambulance like just certain things that Maybe she may not have recounted all the Way until she saw it uh she began to Tear what you always and she said the Right she said you know as far as having Impact on the jury she said the things That what you know as she was getting Emotional she said look I can't believe I have to go through this I have to Relive this again she talks a lot about Business she went through it and baby I Think that that the million dollar offer

You know obviously Um Tori is going to have to answer to That because why would you be offering Her a million dollars what are you Offering her money for if not to be Quiet about getting about him firing a Gun you're right he is going to have to Answer that as far as like whether he Actually said it or not yeah that's Where the other two witnesses Kelsey Obviously who's going to be testifying On behalf of the prosecution and the Driver and on behalf of Meg and this Driver his name is Jaquan Smith he is The X Factor in my opinion he was Supposedly in this car the entire time In saw or heard this altercation go down So he knows something I haven't heard of Peep about him no reports on what he had What he says or what he is going to say We know that he he worked for Tory Lanez At the time he was he was Tory lanez's Driver so presumably he'll testify on Behalf of Tory Lanez but it'll be I'm Curious to see what was actually said Because this is Megan the stallion Claiming this is what Tori said Megan is Going through cross-examination now and I feel like her The credibility thing What you were mentioning earlier about Gayle King and whether she was intimate With him or not she did lie on Nationals Right and the defense is probably going To pick that apart I'm sure they're

Doing it right now they're already back In session uh so we'll see what comes With that in a second here I also like By the way another thing that she Addressed uh squarely that the defense The Tories team had theorized they said Megan didn't even see who who shot her That she had her back to the to the Vehicle so she has no idea who shot Right she's saying she saw him she Turned around and saw him with the gun In his hand and she said that he was at Elevated height which is in those Suburban trucks you know they have that On the side Railway so he could have Been standing on something I mean but She said she saw him with a gun in his Hand so yes that's different from what Uh his team laid out there this is going To be really interesting and like you Said like Fabian said the Cross-examination about her lying she's Gonna have to answer to that that's Gonna be a tough one Hello my name is diamond and I'm from Los Angeles California and I just want To say whenever you see a woman going to Court in a bob wig and a suit get your Affairs in order you are going to jail That away I don't care if Meg slept with The Pope it does not excuse the fact With her being shot so I don't Understand why her sexual history is Really being put on trial here like it

Doesn't even matter what he got mad About but who what did what the fact of The matter is he shot her and we need to Go ahead and Deport him back we don't Need to do no type of trade send him on Back he's trying to bring his little son In for sympathy sir we don't care a lot Of us didn't even know you were father So please let the little boy go back to School it is a school week it is a School day he's missing out on learning Because you want to use him as a prop For your court Shenanigans bye-bye Tori It is time for you to Sashay away all Right is that Charles is a read Yes that is exactly what that was [Music]

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