Method Man Sends RIP to Takeoff, Doesn’t Blame Hip Hop | TMZ

What has changed in hip-hop since the Time that you guys are like at your Peaking now what do you think has Changed the most we're like it's like We're hip-hop because now it seems like It's like a little bit more violent so What do you think that you can speak to This guy you know your clothes got Tighter the clothes that Got some math clothes got Tighter and More expensive Rip to take off family well really Quickly right people take off my Condolences to take off film well what Do you think is the solution to anything Don't there's no solution Always blame hip-hop no no I'm not Blaming hip-hop I'm just trying to see Everybody I love hip-hop and you know I Love you Y'all know his circumstances Circumstances my cousin got shot the Other day where your job at that baby I'm lying though I'm playing oh my God No no no no but look but look bottom Line is this I have no opinion about shootings and How they happen because the Circumstances are always pointed to Hip-hop and it's not always our fault Okay thank you I appreciate you thank You

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