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Huh this is a really sad upsetting day Uh take off from Migos was shot and Killed it happened in Houston at a Bowling alley and just the trivial Nature of what sets somebody off Is really hard to process what happened And and now at 20 28 year old man has Lost his life but takeoff and cuevo were In Houston they've been promoting their Their new project uh on confused and They were at this bowling alley around 2 30 in the morning and they weren't Bowling at that point they were playing Dice there was a group of people around Playing dice and we're told that an Altercation broke out at some point Um we don't know exactly what it was Over I mean frequently when you're Playing dice it's about who's winning or Losing Um and it got physical and and then Somebody or somebody's pulled out a gun And started firing and what you're Seeing here is the aftermath this is Sadly cuevo and for those that don't Know cuevo and and take off are related Uh quavo is takeoff's uncle and and the Moments after the shooting cuevo was Crouched down over his body and yelling For anyone to get help it's incredibly Sad unbelievable uh foreign yeah so this In this in this video you see quavo like Really distraught he's on the phone with What sounds like a 911 operator he's

Asking hey is this police he's asking What does she do there was a woman there Who was yelling out I'm a nurse I'm a Nurse because at one point had tried to Pick up take off and I guess they were Trying to you know get him in a car to Take him to the hospital she was telling Them no don't move him don't move him Um but it's just super sad to see we've Always known them as like a group Together we know their family in real Life but seeing them as celebrities Together announced for them to lose one Of the group members in such a tragic Way uh it's just I don't know it's just Super sad he was only 28 years old like It just it's just sat on me about it and Then they like you said this is not a Situation and I know a lot of people Hear a rapper died oh they have some Beef and there's their feuds that was Not the situation would take off Um it's not a guy who was known to have Any you know ongoing feuds with anyone In the industry was beloved and was Really coming into his own with this new Project and now his life has taken over What certainly at this point appears to Be a very trivial matter now as far as We know the police have not have not Arrested any suspects in this uh Shooting yet and there are reports we've Heard now from multiple sources that There were at least five shots fired and

Not necessarily just from one person There may have been two people and this May have been a a shootout scenario yeah That's what the dispatch audio that we Obtained says they said look five shots People screaming they heard gunshots it Appears the initial call may have Actually come from a neighboring Building or a neighboring facility you Have to understand this bowling alley is Part of a larger complex so there were a Lot of people around that may have Witnessed this of course police are are Working to get surveillance footage and Everything like that they haven't even Named the suspects or put any photos out Or anything so you have to imagine maybe They already have a lead or a Significant jump on who this might be so Because it's in this complex one there Should be Surveillance video plenty of it for them To to look at and there were a lot of Witnesses now how much people are going To say I don't know but we know from the Video we've seen there were a lot of People you you said you said something And I don't know whether you or Brad Knows about this but if this could have Been like you said a shootout is it Possible that this could have been Somebody on his side in his side that it Could have been yeah I mean I don't know It seems plausible just asking because

Of what you said but It seems plausible from the way the Scenarios scenario has been painted for Us uh by witnesses that that would be a Possibility but I you know we just can't Say I I don't know who was actually Firing Um I'm assuming their surveillance video In the in the bowling alley right yeah It was a huge comp I'm sure that there's Cameras everywhere but I think that the Biggest Point here in why so startling Is that just seems like it was just a Regular night out for you guys like Cuevo had posted video Halloween they're Out takeoff posted his outfit like and Then it ends in such a tragedy like this Like that I don't think it'll ever sit Well with anybody but especially not for People closest to them it's terrible I Mean this is just I don't know and we Are you know unfortunately having to Report on these things it seems like you Know at least once a month where there's Someone in hip-hop who's had their life Uh just taken and um I don't know what it's going to take For people to um Well it's a I don't know bigger issue Than hip it's actually it is a much Bigger issue that goes beyond hip-hop Um but I will say for whatever reason There's a reason that this phrase about Rap being the most dangerous job in the

World has been said so often in in Recent years there's a reason takeoff Himself was just talking about that on Drink Champs and he talked about how Like he wants to get his flowers while He's here and not after he dies because You know people always kind of Underestimated him but people all has All have also called him the most Lyrical out of the group as well too and With their new unconfused project that They have he felt like you know this was His time like he was getting those Flowers right people were recognizing uh His talent and so you know there was Never there would never have been a good Time for something like this to happen But is really tragic that it has Happened at this point for him and by The way we are going to talk more about This and how it's affecting the industry There's been a lot of people Um who are obviously very upset Distraught uh one in particular designer Said that he is done in the industry We're going to talk a little later to Chuck D who's going to be here to talk About what this means for the industry And can this be a wake-up call What's up it's a filthy field from Detroit I just want to say we need to Put the guns down it really didn't Happen for anything significant You know probably about money could have

Made a lot more money while he was here We just gotta put the guns down you know Piece of positivity everywhere boy Truer words cannot be spoken that is Just I just you know I just hope that they Are going to find look I know what Happens in a lot of these situations is That you know nobody wants to share too Much information with the police Sometimes Um and there's a feeling that you know We'll let the streets they may be able To have they may get that security video Right right I hope so

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