Minka Kelly & Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Enjoy PDA-Filled Outing at Disneyland | TMZ TV

Foreign Adult couple who goes to Disneyland Without kids it's Minka Kelly and Boyfriend Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds at Disneyland without kids Which some people have an issue with Apparently I hate that why Disney adults Is annoying yes they is annoying but That didn't stop Dan and Minka from Sitting front row to watch the parade How do you sit at a parade as a grown Adult in Disneyland I understand the Rides are fun but what are you looking At the dragon going by well they didn't Want to imagine it get it Imagine Dragons okay regardless Dan who does Have four kids and Minka who just got Out of a relationship with Trevor Noah Seemed to be getting close pretty fast I Like them as a couple I think they're Great you know what I like about this Couple Busting stereotypes wait why apparently You do go back oh because besides Trevor Make a previously dated stars like Donald Faison and Derek cheater who all Have a little something in common is This going to shift the Paradigm forever Let's ask a local Aficionado no no I've Been with black my whole life Nikki not going back Okay now we know what her fantasy lands Look like so we hope you enjoyed the Happiest place on earthmaker and Dan at

Least you didn't wear the mouse ears That would just be Unforgivable [Music]

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