Minka Kelly Steps Out for Dinner with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds | TMZ TV

Minka Kelly she got a new man she is With Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons I Love it they were out two nights Together they did a little hike that's When you know seriously you started to Always work out with them he's touching Her hair yes and you do not touch Someone's hair men always want to touch Women's hair just hands off why is that Because it's Product in it And like well it's a touchable in Paris While you're having sex that's it I know somebody and it turned out he had A piece on his head huh a what oh a Hairpiece oh and he was kind of involved In an intimate encounter and the woman Pulled it off Ruined my life if I were with a guy and I gave a little and it came off The equivalent is when like you've got Inserts in your bra to make your boobs Look big and you have to like throw them Out yeah we don't care no I don't care We don't care at all I pull those Cutlets right out [Music]

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