Nancy Grace Rips Casey Anthony Documentary as ‘Money and Fame Grab’

Executives at peacock aren't dumb they They knew this was coming so why do it It is the only reason they would do this They're in a business they clearly know That there's going to be an audience and That they're gonna this is gonna be Profitable for them because they're Gonna make money that's why they're Doing it Buy this group when the director was Still working on it to have a sit down With Tottenham Casey Anthony under these Conditions and I said absolutely not Because when I learned I couldn't ask The questions I wanted I couldn't Control what was happening no way Because she's gonna do exactly what we Predict she's gonna have softball Questions and lie her way through it With no one to test her such as under Cross-examination and this is a way for Her to get Fame notoriety as if she Needed anymore and probably money now Peacock may say oh we're not paying for An interview again BS you guys have Heard of Licensing fees for photos sure We're not going to pay you for your Interview but I'll pay you 20 grand for A picture of Kelly yeah that's how that Works I can tell you this they're going To make a mint I mean Is it distasteful yes Um what what concerns me is that we are Not learning anything there's no

Furtherance of the truth there's no Furtherance of Justice this is just in My opinion a money and fame grab and Peacocks going right along with it

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