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Foreign Next step for her and her boyfriend Because he has now filed for divorce From his wife in North Carolina and you Remember when Nene when they started Seeing each other this was a whole thing That uh his estranged wife accused Nene Of stealing him away from her Um obviously sued Nini and actually and Sudanini or something called I'm going To get into this in a minute called Alienation of affections we'll get into It in a minute right so he is now filed For divorce and I guess you could look At that as say well is he now filing for Divorce because He wants to get married to NeNe I we Don't know that or he just doesn't want To be married or he just doesn't want to Be married well this is a big old mess It's been a big old mess for over a year Now he finally just filed for divorce Even though he insists that the Separation from last year that was as Good to him as being divorced he said There was no chance of reconciliation They were done so the only thing you can Assume is maybe they are going to get Married I don't know why else you would Take the time to file all the legal Paperwork yeah I want to say something Because this just really gets me this is North Carolina right So I I don't like using this word a lot

But this is just a stupid law oh you're Going to say Antiquated no it's stupid That they allow this and Most states Have gotten rid of this whole idea of Alienation of affections it means you Can sue the third party who who you Believe has come between who you believe Can't be doing here yeah and you and Your spouse The reason I say it's just stupid and The reason why so many states have Disbanded it it's almost like wait a Minute so you're saying NeNe Leakes Somehow stole your husband your husband Is a living breathing human being who Can make their own choice made a choice Right and you know what he's just not Into you anymore and that's just the way This is I mean that's what love is that People fall in love out of love and you Can't just to sue the third person as if That person somehow is yanking your Spouse away from you is absurd to me On a legal basis it seems like it'd be Very difficult to prove and I mean I've Never seen one of those cases if I was On a jury I would roll my eyes at some I'd never be on a jury with a case like This because I think it's so stupid You've made it great so now you just got On jury duty but I mean well it's not in California you can't do it it's just a Dumb law hey y'all diamond from Brooklyn Um the lawsuit is very embarrassing I

Have too much pride to hold on to our Relationship with the guy is no longer Interested I won't be so anyone but what Does Nene think like you get them how You lose them yeah you'll have this guy You'll join him for a short period of Time but then something new will come Along and you two will be thrown in the Corner like a toy and disregard wow Pessimistic I mean let's have a little little bit of Hope some optimism Foreign

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