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With this horrible tragedy with the Death of of takeoff Um we have seen video we've seen a lot Of images of what happened at 2 30 in The morning in Houston yesterday but now The police seem to be honing in on some Images on this new video that we got That they say shows a person of interest In this shooting uh someone an armed man Standing right there in the crowd with Takeoff and cuevo uh as a discussion is Going down a heated discussion between Quavo and some other unknown men who Were there takeoff is what you're about What you're about to see and hear take Off his standing couple of feet behind Quavo but pay attention to there's a man Dressed in black as the conversation is Going on and that man has his hand on a Gun In the gym So the police want to find this guy um And you see you know even before the Argument escalates to a high pitch his Hand is right on that gun he's on the Gun the whole time and you saw cuevo in The orange shirt walk by once the Discussion was over and it was two Seconds after he walks cuevo walks by Walks past the camera that the first Shot is fired now Again we said the police uh want to want To speak to this man as a person of Interest there's nothing that we've seen

In the video now you do see him raise The weapon at that point but we can't Say that he for sure fired the first Shot we just don't see it exactly and And you can't see also too if if he did Fire any shots where his shots landed if This was the gun that possibly could Take off because it seems like he was Almost shooting in their defense because He's kind of going the same way that we Had saw them go as well too another Interesting point here in this video is That you hear quavo somewhat like saying Like look I'm I'm leaving like I'm over This like he says like come on let's go Like it's like he was trying to like get Away from whatever was going on and not Add to it that that was a very Interesting point as well yeah it Definitely did not sound like he was Trying to escalate things it more it was More like hey you know his tone seemed To be we're moving on this is not what It's about and you heard him saying Something about basketball I wish we Haven't spoken to anyone who's there to Give us any more information about what That was why basketball came up we know That cuevo plays basketball is really Good I don't know if someone was Challenging him or something but he Wasn't having it and just wanted to walk Away and then the shots started started Flying but how much more Angry every

Video we get guys and and and the more Info that we kind of learn and the Conversations we hear that were had and We see quavo walking away that this was Gunfire and this resorted to that I had To get to that that it had to get to That over some silly argument and people Just start blindly firing guns in a Crowd I don't know there was what 30 People around there people who weren't Even involved randomly firing a gun I Mean it's it's sickening it's angering And he should still be alive that's uh Brad exactly what you said is what um The head of quality control the label uh Pierre Thomas uh he posted something Last night a message that was mostly Directed toward takeoff just saying how Much he loved him and he wanted people To understand the value of life he Wanted fans he wanted hip-hop in general To remember that you don't have to Resort to violence when things get Heated because it's very clear heated Over seemingly nothing I mean that's Just it's so stunning I mean what Brad Said is so right that there are all These people there and to pull out a gun And then to whoever fired because when When you ever fired that when you listen It sounds like there's more than one gun Going off at the same time so there may Be multiple Um

And that it looks like takeoff may have Been hit in the crossfire it's unclear Um but you know one of the things I was Thinking of and and I I've got to think This through because it just struck me As I watched it there's something in the Law called felony murder that if you Commit a felony which would certainly be Shooting in the gun right Um even if you didn't even if your Bullet isn't the one that kills takeoffs The classic case is a bank robber where The getaway driver is outside the bank But the person who that person is with Goes inside and shoots somebody the Getaway driver is also going to be Charged with murder felony murder Because it is a murder committed in the In the commission of a felony right I'm Thinking this through excuse me Literally Um as we're watching this because it Doesn't necessarily mean that that you Have to prove that that bullet is the One that hit take off right if that Person was firing if you look at this so What you're saying is basically in this Situation where clearly there was no Reason that we can see or hear for Someone to take out a gun and fire I Mean the only way he ever fired that First shot whether or not it hit anybody Could be charged potentially without I'm Kind of I apologize I'm thinking this

Through if I watched it but it just Struck me that way I mean are they ever going to find this Gun I don't know but you know right These are these are tough cases in that Sense but but we should mention that Aside from the videos that that we've Obtained we're fairly certain the police Also have surveillance it's a fairly new Complex we're sure that they're going to Have multiple angles and that is going To help them figure out what happened Here and quality control as a label guys Too so P had a statement about quality Control too they released a statement That said and it mentioned in there that Uh takeoff was hit by a straight bullet So that led me to believe that they Maybe police or someone is starting to Figure out a little bit more here Because at one point we couldn't figure Out what was intentional what wasn't Right right I I think that it goes to The point stray bullet meaning we we Have video of takeoff standing right There next to cuevo takeoff is not Involved in this argument you don't see Him talk you don't see him getting into It with anybody so I think stray bullet He was an innocent bystander in this Thing yeah all the more tragic my name Is DJ KW from Long Island New York and First off I would like to say my Condolences to Quality Control takeoffs

Family and the rest of Migos and I feel For quavo too because that ultimately That bullet could have meant Ben meant For him so you know it's just very Tragic you know take off with such an Innocent man and you know he's for the Culture Migos is for the culture and It's just really sad and I hope they do Find the shooter Um I hope somebody comes forward Um you took an innocent man's life and You know we just want somebody to be Held accountable for the tragic death of This person you know I I have to say That there there was there's no Circumstance where you would understand It but the fact that it was such a Trivial nothing thing it's just I don't Know why that it makes it even worse It's just how can It's hard to process that yeah it is Hard to process

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