North West COMPLAINS About Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choices!

Many people might consider Kim Kardashian
to be one of the most influential style icons Of our time, but that doesn’t mean her daughter
North West thinks so! Kim Kardashian is REVEALING why North West
is her BIGGEST critic when it comes to her Fashion choices.  In a recent interview with Vogue, Kim shared
that North is not afraid to share her opinion On her mom’s fashion. Kim explained to the mag, “North is very
opinionated when it comes to what I’m wearing.” But it’s not just that she has opinions
on Kim’s clothing– North has a big issue With one style choice in particular. Kim shared that “She’ll always complain
when I’m wearing too much black.” Hmmm… that’s interesting she has a problem
with Kim wearing “too much black” considering Kim previously mentioned that North is very
goth. “She’s into Hot Topic. She puts fake tattoos on her face, and she
listens to Black Sabbath and she’s just Like a full goth girl.” During the interview, Kim also recalled how
happy North got, when she thought her mom Finally wasn’t wearing black again, saying,“I
showed up at her school on Valentine’s Day Wearing head-to-toe pink, and she got so excited
she ran over and hugged me. [Of course] she opened my coat, saw the black
lining, and says, ‘Mom, you’re still wearing Black.” I mean, let’s face it, Northie, your mom
kills it in black! But, like her mom Kim and dad Kanye West,
North is a rising style star herself!  For Vogue’s March 2022 cover story photo
shoot with Kim, North got to style both herself And her siblings! Ok, North we see you!  I mean really – What other kid do you know
is a budding stylist and TikTok star at the Tender age of eight?! While North seems to be unimpressed with her
mom’s current signature style, we sure do Hope that they get back on the same page,
when it comes to fashion!  We would love to see more matching moments
between this stylish mommy-and-daughter duo! To get more on Kim K. and North’s adorable
and hilarious bond, click right over here For another Clevver video! Next, hit that comment section and let us
know what you think about North being Kim’s Harshest fashion critic!

She def has a lot of opinions for an 8-year
old, but then again her parents are Kim and Kanye! For now, I’m your host, Carly Henderson. Come say hi on social media @carlyhenderson_
and I’ll catch up again with you soon!

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