North West ROASTS Kim Kardashian’s VIRAL TV Moments!

Northwest roasts Kim Kardashian in the Most Savage way is Taylor Swift starring In a film with Ryan Reynolds all that And so much more in today's show what is Up you guys it's your girl Susan Morad And before we jump into all the details Surrounding North roasting Kim let's Look at some other major stories this Week to determine if they're fact or cap Did Nikita Dragon get arrested in Miami That's bats Nikita was arrested earlier This week after dousing a police officer With water the incident started when Nikita allegedly walked around the Hotel's pool area in the nude and was Playing loud music from her room fans Were shocked to learn that Nikita was Being kept in a men's unit after her Arrest and went off on Twitter sharing Their thoughts on the whole situation is Millie Bobby Brown in love with Noah Schnapp that's clearly cut however Millie did recently share that when she First met her boyfriend Jake Bon Jovi he Had some thoughts on her friendship with Noah telling Millie you guys are in love But it's in the most platonic way we Would be so good together we are so good Together yeah Millie went on to reveal More about her bestie Noah we were Always able to kind of connect with each Other and it's so platonic which is so Beautiful did Selena Gomez turn down a Role so Demi Lovato would get it that's

Facts as it turns out our girl's cell Was first choice to play Michi Torres And according to David DeLuise who Played her dad in Wizards of Waverly Place Selena gave up the role so that Demi would be offered the part David Explained I've never really said this Story but they offered Camp Rock to Selena and she knew that if she passed On it Demi would get the part he went on To add so she passed on it which was Very nice to do and they were friends They were on the show Barney together I Thought this is Mylene I feel it is Taylor Swift going to be appearing in Deadpool 3 that's cap Ryan Reynolds Recently shut down rumors that tay would Be on Deadpool 3 but added that she Would of course be welcome in it are you Kidding me I would do anything for that Woman she's a genius no lies detected There I appreciate it give me a good Review on Yelp did Louis Tomlinson say He was bothered by Harry Styles massive Success that's fact but let me explain In an interview with the telegraph he Explained why he felt bothered by Harry's musical success saying I'd be Lying if I said it didn't bother me at First only because I didn't know where To place myself and really my only point Of reference was other members of the Band he then went on to praise Harry Revealing to the news outlet but it's

Not surprising to me that Harry is the Most commercially successful because he Really fits the mold of a modern star Northwest hilariously poked fun at Kim Kardashian's most iconic TV meltdowns Northwest has done it again the Nine-year-old dressed up as her mum in a Tick tock which has now gone viral as She lip synced some of Kim's most Memorable meltdowns from Keeping Up with The Kardashians all while Megan the Stallion song Savage played in the Background to reinforce North's roast it In the clip North Rocks a blonde wig Black Balenciaga sunglasses and a black T-shirt covered in Balenciaga caution Tape referencing Kim's 2022 Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week outfit while dancing Around her mum's closet and holding up One of Kim's Kim's bodysuits to the Camera North recited famous quotes from The reality TV series North began with Hi I'm Kim Kardashian West while in Kim's massive home dressing room she Then threw her arms up while lip-syncing You don't think I feel bad I feel sad One of Kim's most famous Clips when Talking about her doomed and short-lived Marriage to Chris Humphries they gave us One of Kim's most iconic Ugly cry faces you don't think I feel Bad I feel sad next was an all-time Favorite where Kim said she hates her Sisters and never wanted to look at

Their ugly faces again before the iconic Don't be rude just a day earlier Posted from Kimber North's joint Tick Tock account was another video where Often Kim lip-sync to another one of Kim's most famous one-liners while on The Wendy Williams Show the two Reenacted a famous 2009 interview when Wendy asked Kim if she had any tattoos You don't have tattoos anywhere no honey Would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley We love seeing this side of their Relationship please keep these videos Coming I love the fact that we get to See North mocking her mum Kim in a Playful way in these tick tocks I really Feel like behind closed doors North Really does tease her mum a lot Kim has Told us about it on a number of Occasions through interviews and I Really get these sense that Kim really Wants to impress North not like a Regular Mom I'm a cool Mom it certainly Seems like North has figured out the Sounds feature on Tick Tock with all of These videos but this has really got me Super curious as to whether Kim tells North the backstory of these clips Especially the one about Chris Humphries I mean I wonder if she's told North that She was once famously married for only 7 Me two days also shout out to North's Outfit choice in this video personal I

Think that Balenciaga look is one of Kim's most iconic case in point here's Me dressing up in the same look for Halloween this year can confirm that Pretending to be Kim in this look was Definitely a good time so North I feel You on this one thanks so much for Watching I'll see you next time bye

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