North West Turns Kim Kardashian Into The Grinch | TMZ TV

Look out Kim Kardashian there is a new Makeup Queen in town Northwest So Kim and North they have like a joint Tick Tock and North decided to do like a Little makeup tutorial and she turned Kim Kardashian into the Grinch so she Started out with like all the green Makeup she did like the hard dark lines With like dark green like eyeliner it Looks pretty good I want to ask a Question about this are people resentful That North can become a billionaire just Cause you guys get upset that somebody Just gets stuff handed to them I guess It seems not as bad because they're Famous as a family so when people in the Family benefit we just assume that you Guys have said over the years we've Talked about actors who get a job but They have a famous parent it's like oh That's why they got the job being in the Family is their job they really are the Americas royalty they're just born into It this is like the crown Claire Foy as Christian I like it come on watch that Oh

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